CineMassive Video Wall Processors
Alpha Elite Video Wall Controller

Alpha Elite

The Alpha Elite is the industry benchmark in Video Wall Controller performance, power and versatility. Its dual Xeon CPU processing core, robust hardware architecture and enhanced software package is uniquely optimized for both mission-critical reliability and ultra-high-performance.

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Alpha Video Wall Controller


The Alpha video wall processor is built for optimal price/performance while still delivering a powerful, reliable and flexible video wall control capabilities. The Alpha is capable of supporting up to 40 DVI or VGA outputs, up to 64 DVI or VGA inputs, and 256 standard definition inputs.

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Bravo Video Wall Controller


The Bravo video wall processor comes in three different classes, and is the ideal system for ultra-high resolution presentation, visualization, and digital signage applications. The Bravo Viz is ideal for 3D rendering applications, the Bravo IP is designed for IP video decoding, and the Bravo DS is built for ultra-high resoultion digital signage applications.

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