Introducing Haivision Command 360

Haivision Command 360 Webinar

We’re excited to unveil Haivision Command 360, our next-generation platform built to address today’s visual collaboration challenges for defense, government, enterprise and public safety organizations. Created to aid in response to critical scenarios The Command 360 platform is the result of years of advanced visualization expertise. We conducted hundreds of in-depth conversations with real-world users […]

Visual Content Security for Defense Organizations

Content Security for Defense

For Department of Defense (DoD) organizations, transporting visual content over IP networks to multiple video walls in an operations center provides flexibility to meet changing mission or operational requirements. Whether the content is displayed via live intelligence feeds, real-time situational awareness, or PowerPoint, critical visual collaboration isn’t always feasible with traditional video distribution systems. Content […]

Operational Resilience Through Technology

Operational Resilience

Mission-critical environments typically operate 24/7/365 to focus on specialized operations. To avoid downtime or failures, it’s important that these environments incorporate technology that provides operational resilience. For example, a video wall system is the perfect solution for mission-critical operations that require visual collaboration and situational awareness. Components such as wall management software, processors, encoders, decoders, […]

Visual Collaboration Benefits Energy Management

Apex Clean Energy ROCC

Utility organizations are no stranger to innovation and technology. In this blog post we highlight a particular use case that is using our video wall solutions for proactive energy management. The Challenge An industry leader in the transition to a clean energy future built a high-tech remote operations control center to provide its specialized team […]

Video Wall System Tech Support Considerations

technical support technician

Video wall systems support a myriad of use cases in various industries such as field operations, emergency response centers, real-time crime centers, transportation management, security operations and more. Display walls can range from large to small and provide real-time situational awareness and visual intelligence to assist organizations with making critical decisions fast. As a result, […]

Easy Video Wall Content Management

Video Wall Content Management

Video wall systems have become a key focal point for security operations centers, real-time crime centers, research and education facilities and other organizations that require visual collaboration capabilities. In these environments, information must be shared and updated in real-time. As a result, content management methods can have a direct impact on operational effectiveness especially during […]

Functional Scalability for Operations Centers

Scalability for operations centers

Organizations rely on video wall systems as a visual collaboration tool that can aid in making mission-critical decisions fast. Changes in use case, technology, environment, or size can drive the need for flexible system components. To properly meet the entire lifecycle of an operations center, video walls must be designed to meet current and future […]

Portable Visual Technology for Tactical Operations

Tactical Operations Technology

Generally, you may think of video wall systems as permanent, stationary, and utilized for intended purposes in a climate-controlled room with seating. However, Federal agencies and Department of Defense tactical operations often require a visualization system that quickly deploys to create a temporary or constantly moving command center in the field. As a result, these […]

Kennesaw State Unveils New Academic Learning Center

KSU Office of Research

University System of Georgia Board of Regents, members of the Georgia State Legislature, and KSU faculty, staff, and students were on hand at the unveiling of KSU’s new five-story, state-of-the art Academic Learning Center (ALC) on February 23. The ALC will serve as a unique student-focused space for convenient access to various departments, resources, and […]

LED vs LCD: Choose the Right Display Type

Display type comparison

A display wall, also known as a video wall, is comprised of several panels grouped, or tiled together to create a high-res single, dual, or multi-screen view in many different environments. While software and hardware work in tandem to connect and arrange content from multiple sources, the display wall acts as the method of delivery. […]