Wildfire Management and Mitigation

wildfire management

Although most of us associate autumn as peak wildfire season, firefighters and public safety officials prepare for fire events year-round. Whether the result of human negligence or natural disaster, wildfires burned just over 10 million acres in 2020. Environmental, human, and other physical losses severely…

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Facilitate Multi-Agency Collaboration for Successful Outcomes

multi-agency collaboration

Operational teams often face challenges to avoid duplication, overlap, fragmentation, and/or missed opportunities due to inefficient processes, poor communication, or limited resources. The potential negative consequences increase exponentially when multiple organizations are involved. Common objectives are poorly executed across multiple facilities and/or teams if there…

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Improving Campus Safety with Visual Collaboration

Campus Security

Academic institutions of all sizes typically employ dedicated police or security teams. It is more important than ever that campuses with young student populations focus on public safety. Campus safety must take social justice activity, hazing, the opioid epidemic, violence, and general crime into account…

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Crowdsourcing Critical Information for Emergency Ops

crowdsourcing critical information

Never have emergency managers had such immediate and broad access to critical information concerning real-time events. Operators can monitor popular social media platforms, constantly updated news channels, and community networking sites in order to “crowdsource” information from the affected community. The most popular social media…

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CMPD Revamps Interdepartmental Collaboration

CMPD Case Study Montage

Charlotte, NC is one of the fastest-growing cities in the US. Its population increased nearly 20% in the last decade, making it the 15th most populous city in the country. Rapid growth has its challenges – particularly for the CMPD and the Charlotte Fire Department…

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Strategies for Visualization Technology Procurement

Procurement Strategies

City and state organizations everywhere are discovering a greater need for centralized control room or command center technology. Unprecedented societal events are prompting several public health and safety initiatives. While many communities share common problems, each is developing unique solutions involving the acquisition of technology…

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Advanced Crime Center Technology

advanced crime center technology

Law enforcement agencies must rely on advanced visual intelligence systems to provide situational awareness, response strategy, and analysis to officers. For too long, operators and officers have had to parse through intelligence pouring into crime centers from disparate sources. Now, these same agencies can easily…

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Emergency Operations Centers of the Future

Emergency Operations Center

Across the country, cities, counties, and municipalities are adjusting their procedures and staffing requirements around COVID-19 related guidelines. Social distancing practices have impacted every organization imaginable, and it is the responsibility of critical public services to maintain full operations despite the guidelines. The rise and…

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Effective Emergency Response Coordination

City of Chesapeake PSOC

CineMassive is proud to help emergency responders and public safety officials across the country during the COVID-19 pandemic. The City of Chesapeake Public Safety Operations Center (PSOC) is helping to establish a unified command system for the entire City of Chesapeake’s region throughout this challenging time.…

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Getting Superior Performance from Web-Based Applications

Web Based Applications

Anyone working in the command and control space has noticed the growing trend toward a reliance on web-based applications. URL feeds, cloud-based, or SaaS applications are commonly used across multiple markets to monitor network health, traffic, and security. Public safety and defense organizations use web-based…

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