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Cinezens of CineMassive

CineMassive is launching a new series on our blog so you can get to know the people behind our products and services! Cinezens of CineMassive is an employee spotlight series that features Q&A’s from CineMassive employees (aka: “Cinezens”) as a fun way for you to get to know our team.

4 Years at CineMassive

Aaron Leiker- CineZen of CineMassive
Q: What is your background?
A: “Consumer electronics since I was 16 years old. I started out building and selling computers; then I transitioned over to the AV side of things. Soon after, I was a consultant for a company that sells premium audio visual systems.”

Q: What is the best part about your job?
A: “I love designing systems and finding ways to make electronics do things that no one else thought would be possible. I also really like meeting customers.”

Q: How has CineMassive helped you in your professional development?
A: “CineMassive has access to a broad range of markets and various technology components. In addition, a big advantage of working for a small business is that I get to wear a lot of hats and really ‘see under the hood’ of what makes the business work.”

Q: What advice have you received that has contributed to your success so far?
A: “Just one piece of advice? That’s hard! However, if I had to choose one, I’d say the best advice I’ve received has been to really get to know your customers and make sure you fully understand their wants and needs in order to find the best solution possible.”

Q: What do you like most about working in technology – especially audio visual technology?
A: “Working in technology is the easiest way to improve the world and add efficiency to everything we do. CineMassive is a technology company that solves AV problems with the newest IT-centric technologies, which puts us ahead of everyone else.”

Q: What do you find most challenging about working in technology?
A: “Technology can be very difficult to wrangle, and taking multiple technologies and getting them to work together for the first time can be difficult. It’s like a giant puzzle, and not all the pieces will always fit – so it’s our job to find or create those pieces that do fit. When all the pieces finally fit, it’s a magnificent moment.”

Q: Who is your idol and why?
A: “Without hesitation, my dad. He owned a small software business. He taught me how to observe, how to break down problems into smaller pieces, how to apply logic to solve problems. I never realized how much his experience and knowledge would matter until I came to work at CineMassive. I apply each of those things on a daily basis.”

Q: What are your interests outside of CineMassive?
A: “Technology in general. I’m infatuated with smart home gadgets. My house is voice-activated and my son loves it when I tell the system to do things like change the color of the lights. I also really enjoy video games, camping, and hiking.”

Q: Describe CineMassive in 3 words.
A: “Fun. Important. Stunning/Remarkable/Amazing. How could I choose just 3?”

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