CURVE at Georgia State University Library

GSU Curve Library Video Wall - thumbnail

For its CURVE research center, Georgia State wanted a visualization system that could render big data and 3D maps at native resolution…

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Humana Innovation Center

Humana video wall - thumbnail

Humana wanted to create an BYOD visualization environment where employees could collaborate to develop new healthcare solutions...

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Louisiana State University

LSU Research video wall - thumbnail

LSU wanted a high-resolution visualization system that would allow engineering students to render large-scale models and simulations…

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NOAA video wall thumbnail

NOAA needed a solution that could serve as both a digital signage system and a visualization platform for internal briefings…

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Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Oak Ridge National Laboratory - thumbnail

ORNL needed a powerful rendering and display system for visualizing big data at its National Transportation Research Center…

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Stanford University HIVE

Stanford Unversity Hive Video Wall Thumbnail

For its HIVE visualization center, Stanford needed a display system that could render 3D simulations at full resolution...

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The Wilson School

Wilson School Classroom Video Wall Thumbnail

The Wilson School wanted to create an immersive, interactive learning center where students could see and explore educational content…

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