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Scaling Collaboration Tools for Video Wall Systems

VTC on Video Wall

Organizations faced dramatic changes in workforce operations resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. More people worked remotely than ever before, often in positions previously requiring an on-site presence. Companies that never before entertained remote employment rallied to fortify technical infrastructure and pull together policies…

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Visualization System Design Factors

visualization system design

Cost is arguably a significant, if not primary, consideration for organizations seeking to install a scalable, secure, and dynamic visualization collaboration platform. The visualization system design must incorporate a broad range of technical and logistical requirements to be successful. While the ‘bottom line’ can’t be…

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BYOD for Visual Collaboration

Bring Your Own Device

Allowing workers to use personal devices such as tablets, smartphones, and laptops on organizational networks is a trend commonly referred to as ‘bring your own device’ or BYOD. Already a growing trend before remote work escalated with the COVID pandemic, BYOD environments have proven beneficial…

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Crowdsourcing Critical Information for Emergency Ops

crowdsourcing critical information

Never have emergency managers had such immediate and broad access to critical information concerning real-time events. Operators can monitor popular social media platforms, constantly updated news channels, and community networking sites in order to “crowdsource” information from the affected community. The most popular social media…

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CMPD Revamps Interdepartmental Collaboration

CMPD Case Study Montage

Charlotte, NC is one of the fastest-growing cities in the US. Its population increased nearly 20% in the last decade, making it the 15th most populous city in the country. Rapid growth has its challenges – particularly for the CMPD and the Charlotte Fire Department…

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Visualization System Continuity of Operations

COOP Continuity of Operations Plan

Any organization can and should have a plan for Continuity of Operations, or COOP. Well before COVID-19, Hurricane Katrina, 9/11, or any number of tragic events in recent memory, the Federal government developed a COOP initiative. This provided departments and agencies guidance to effectively maintain…

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Video Wall System Tech Support Best Practices

technical support technician

Remember when the first response to any tech support problem involved someone showing up to check if the equipment was plugged in and turned on? At least part of the time, that actually resolved the issue. Like dot matrix printers and dial-up modems, those days…

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Strategies for Visualization Technology Procurement

Procurement Strategies

City and state organizations everywhere are discovering a greater need for centralized control room or command center technology. Unprecedented societal events are prompting several public health and safety initiatives. While many communities share common problems, each is developing unique solutions involving the acquisition of technology…

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Benefits of an Intuitive Content Management Interface

Content Management Team

Intuitive content management is vital to a positive user experience (UX) in the world of visualization systems. Among other things, information architecture and visual design play a big role in managing video wall content. An uncluttered, well organized, and visually inviting interface provides numerous benefits…

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Unify Control Room Collaboration Technology

Collaboration Technology

No matter the market, organizations that rely on multiple control rooms don’t always get the opportunity to build those control spaces at the same time. All too often, one may go up one year with another built out sometime later. Enough years down the road,…

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