Video Wall System Tech Support Best Practices

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Remember when the first response to any tech support problem involved someone showing up to check if the equipment was plugged in and turned on? At least part of the time, that actually resolved the issue. Like dot matrix printers and dial-up modems, those days are long gone. As technology grows more sophisticated, system operation & maintenance becomes more complicated. IT support now requires a skill set on par with systems boasting the best in security, performance, and reliability.

Video wall systems are more scalable than ever before, supporting every type of operation from national defense initiatives to municipal law enforcement. Small, 2×2 video walls may be found in mobile field operations, while much larger systems can monitor global security for international corporations. Regardless of the purpose, uninterrupted performance requires exceptional tech support.

What constitutes exceptional system support? A collection of best practices, consistently executed not only protects your investment, but ensures reliable operation and maximizes system potential and value.

Technical Support

Responsive, 24/7 Technical Support

A significant segment of video wall systems facilitates mission critical operation centers where ‘down-time’ is not an option. End users require direct access to skilled personnel every minute of every day, whether online, over the phone, or in-person.

User-Friendly Customer Portal

An ever-increasing number of technical support teams manage requests and issues via “support portals” or dedicated, ticket-based communication sites. A well-designed interface allows users to submit and track the progress of tickets, access user documentation, and/or browse FAQs for self-service solutions. The system will tie this activity back to the user’s account information. Centralizing all account data in one location– POCs, system specifications, support requests, and technical documents – allows you and the support team to easily reference and update information. Current and comprehensive sharing of account details and issue tracking eliminate time and frustration searching for information.

Clear Communication and Expectations

No one wants vague responses or unrealistic promises. Users in time-sensitive, mission critical environments need clear solutions and reliable timeframes for resolution. Your tech support team should provide realistic expectations as well as prioritization criteria for your issue.

Timely System Upgrades

Users should not have to seek out upgrade opportunities. Service packs, new releases, and general technology upgrades are essential to keep your video wall system operating at peak potential.

Support for 3rd Party Integrated Components

Video wall systems are complex combinations of hardware and software tailored to each organization’s needs. It is ideal to select a fully integrated solution instead of piecemealing individual components together from multiple sources. Not only does that simplify the purchase and installation process, but it provides a single customer and technical support resource. When your video wall system provider installs and maintains the processors, video wall displays, control software, and third-party components, they are prepared to troubleshoot all components of the system.

Dedicated, Experienced Professionals

Assessing video wall system issues requires highly specific skill sets. Technical support teams must be proficient in network security, visualization hardware, control application architecture, and be familiar with the environments in which these systems are used. Access to a team of professionals with industry longevity, deep IT knowledge, and a passion for the work ensures positive outcomes for any issue encountered.

Technical support is more than just problem resolution. Ideally, systems run with minimal or no errors and troubleshooting comprises the smallest component of overall customer support. Now more than ever, organizations need access to experts who can efficiently and accurately resolve problems and keep you informed. Meaningful technical support elevates not just your system’s performance, but also empowers you to get the most functionality and best results possible.