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BP Operations Center

The Client

BP is one of the world’s leading international oil and gas companies, providing customers with fuel for transportation, energy for heat and light, petrochemical products, and retail services. BP’s production, security, and logistics operations span the globe, with over 83,000 employees worldwide, tens of thousands of retail sites, and millions of barrels of oil produced daily.

The Challenge

BP planned to implement a new display wall in its Houston office that could host a broad spectrum of business applications. First, they wanted a presentation system that would allow employees and executives to share information more effectively. They also needed a visualization system that could be used to coordinate their global activities. BP selected CineMassive to design, build, and integrate its new visualization system.

The Solution

CineMassive technicians delivered a complete turn-key visualization system for BP, including hardware, software, installation, integration, and on-site training services.

For the video wall display, CineMassive delivered an 5×2 LCD video wall built with 55″ displays. The video wall provided an ultra-high-definition canvas with narrow bezels and a wide viewing angle, ensuring that everyone in the room could have a clear, pixel-perfect view.

The system was powered by a CineMassive Alpha video wall controller. The Alpha accepted signals in virtually any format from any device, including operator workstations, DVD players, satellite TV, and laptops. With the Alpha, users could easily send content to the video wall and arrange it dynamically across the displays in real-time.

For user-friendly control over the system, CineMassive provided Touch Control software. Touch Control allowed operators to easily interact with the system through a CineMassive-programmed iPad. Using Touch Control, operators could manage content on the video wall, the video wall processor, and the integrated audio and video conferencing system.

The CineMassive visualization solution allowed operations center staff to easily share information with stakeholders across the room and around the world. By leveraging the CineMassive system, BP created a common operating picture that enhanced collaboration and efficiency within its Houston operations center.

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