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California Highway Patrol

The Client

The California Highway Patrol is the largest state police agency in the US and employs 11,000 employees, 7,500 of whom are sworn officers. In addition to monitoring thousands of miles of transportation corridors, the CHP provides protection to state facilities and officials. The CHP also works with municipal law enforcement agencies to provide assistance for investigations, patrol, and other tasks.

The Challenge

The California Highway Patrol needed a visualization system that could display their large array of analog and digital video feeds streaming from locations around the state. The agency had a number of requirements for the solution. First, it would have to be 24/7 reliable, designed for continuous operation. In addition, the system would need to accommodate an ever-growing number of IP camera feeds while still supporting legacy analog camera systems as well. Finally, the system would need to be user-friendly, requiring minimal operator training.

The California Highway Patrol chose CineMassive to design and implement its transportation video wall solution. CineMassive was chosen due to its ability to provide a turn-key solution, including hardware, software, and complete integration. In addition, CineMassive was able to provide a system that was reliable enough for 24/7 operation, yet user-friendly enough to be easily learned and operated.

The Solution

CineMassive designed and built a 5×3 LCD video wall constructed with 46″ displays. The bright, 15xHD video wall provided excellent clarity and sharpness. The video wall’s wide viewing angle allowed all operators in the space to easily view the entire display canvas.

The LCD video wall was powered by CineMassive’s proprietary Alpha video wall controller. The Alpha pulled video from a variety of IP and analog feeds as well as local operator workstations and satellite TV tuners. It then pushed video content to the video wall and auxiliary LCD TVs around the control room.

Operators utilized CineMassive’s user-friendly Video Wall Control software to manage content sources on the video wall and scroll through camera feeds. When an event was detected on a particular camera feed, operators could use the software to expand and zoom into the video feed in real-time.

By leveraging CineMassive’s expertise, the California Highway Patrol implemented a 24/7-reliable visualization system that empowered operators with increased situational awareness.

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