Corporate lobby with LED Video Wall- Blue Screen

Leading Employment Website: Immersive Lobby Display System

An integrated system of LED display walls cover the walls and ceilings of a tech leader’s newly-renovated lobby. The display systems are fully synchronized, allowing brand imagery and video to flow seamlessly from one digital surface to the next.

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About the Client

A leading employment website was planning an extensive renovation for one of its corporate offices. The updated facility would feature a contemporary, open-plan design accentuated by a spacious two-story lobby, lounge, and reception environment.

Corporate Lobby with Yellow Video Wall

The Challenge

Since the office’s new reception area would be the main entry point for employees and visitors, the company knew that the space would be pivotal in setting the tone for the facility as a whole.

The company’s Director of Real Estate led the effort to design the new space. He envisioned a dynamic, high-energy environment that reflected the company’s brand identity. As a central design element, he hoped to incorporate largescale digital displays that would showcase the company’s brand imagery while linking the reception space to the surrounding lounges and hallways.

Working with the company’s architecture firm, the Director of Real Estate began searching for a display provider that could execute on his vision. The team’s project requirements were unique and ambitious. They wanted to cover large portions of the two-story space – including both walls and ceiling surfaces – with a series of high-resolution video walls. The displays would need to be completely seamless, creating the illusion of a single, contiguous surface throughout the environment.

After evaluating a number of vendors, the client selected CineMassive to provide the display solution for the new reception environment. CineMassive was chosen because of its ability to fulfill all project requirements while remaining within the client’s budget. In particular, CineMassive was the only vendor that could offer LED displays with a pixel pitch of just 2.5mm, enabling a far sharper, higher-resolution viewing experience than the 6mm pitch displays offered by competitors.

Drawing on years of experience designing complex display systems, the CineMassive team was also able to provide valuable guidance and recommendations for the project. Rather than proposing a system that would exclusively showcase the client’s logo, CineMassive presented a flexible solution that could display a vast range of media, giving users full control over playback behavior. CineMassive also recommended that the video walls be fully synchronized, allowing content to flow smoothly across the space from one digital surface to another.

Throughout the project, CineMassive worked closely with the Director of Real Estate, architecture firm, structural engineering team, and other key stakeholders to optimize the solution for the new reception space. To accommodate the renovation project’s aggressive timeline, the CineMassive team installed the display system in parallel with construction work on the facility.

Corporate Lobby with Blue LED Video Wall

The Solution

Completed in early 2016, the client’s new reception space is a sleek, immersive environment that serves as a focal point for the updated facility.

Entering on the first floor, visitors pass into a brightly-lit space alive with movement. Colorful branded content glides across five high-resolution LED display systems arranged throughout the room.

Straight ahead, a hallway leading to the office café is framed by two LED display walls. Above, another massive display system extends across the lobby ceiling and down the hallway toward the café, creating a path of reflected light on the polished concrete floor below. A fourth display system covers the wall behind the lobby’s reception desk, while opposite it, a fifth display flanks a minimalist concrete staircase leading to the second floor. The upper level of the space features a spacious lounge surrounded by a similar arrangement of four more massive display systems.

The displays are secured to the walls and ceilings by a series of custom mounting systems, which accommodate the room’s exposed concrete beams and other structural features. Custom metal cladding around the displays complements the room’s streamlined design while concealing the mounts, HVAC ducts, and sprinkler systems.

Composed of 1,056 individual LED panels, the lobby’s nine video walls deliver a combined resolution of over 20 million pixels, creating a high-impact display canvas for the client’s branded content.

Processing, rendering, and playback for the display systems is performed by four CineMassive Bravo DS controllers. The Bravos drive each display at native resolution, enabling pixel-perfect playback of even the most massive media files. They also allow content playback to be fully synchronized across the nine display systems, so video appears to flow seamlessly through the space, creating an immersive effect.

To control content on the displays, the client uses the Bravo DS software suite: a digital signage platform with content authoring, scheduling, and distribution features. The software allows users to build custom media content, define where and how it should appear on the displays, and schedule playback activity.

Since the system can display virtually any type of media, the client can showcase a diverse range of content, including abstract designs, company logos, promotional videos, natural scenery, and even live KPI dashboards. The nine video walls can be programmed to function as a single, synchronized canvas or separated to display independent content.

Because content can be refreshed as often as desired, the company is free to create special video and imagery for corporate events, client meetings, and more, prescheduling the content to play when appropriate. The system even allows the programming of external triggers – such as a person entering the lobby doors – to prompt specific content and playback behavior.

The Benefits

Today, the CineMassive display solution continues to play a dynamic role in the client’s corporate lobby. The system’s unique ability to shift on demand – from design element to branding tool, from communication platform to event backdrop – allows the environment to be transformed at a moment’s notice, increasing the versatility of the space.

Leveraging this flexible display platform, the client can deliver an immersive and varied brand experience, communicating the company’s innovative, tech-forward identity to all who enter the space.

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