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Fortune 500 Global Security Operations Center

The Client

A third-party contractor working on behalf of a major US-based computer manufacturer planned to build a video wall monitoring system for its Regional Security Operations Center (SOC). The visualization system would serve as a 24/7 surveillance tool for operators monitoring the manufacturer’s facilities.

The Challenge

The contractor needed a video wall solution that could display multiple camera feeds at full resolution to facilitate easy reading and monitoring. In addition, because the SOC performed 24/7 surveillance, the reliability of the system was critical. Ease of use was also a key concern as security personnel had varying levels of technical expertise.

After evaluating a number of video wall companies, the contractor selected CineMassive to provide the solution. CineMassive was chosen because of its proven expertise in delivering mission-critical visualization systems and its ability to work closely with stakeholders to deliver a custom, turn-key solution.

The Solution

CineMassive designed and installed three LCD video walls for the contractor’s Security Operations Center.The largest – a 5×2 array of LCD displays – was flanked by 3×2 arrays on each side. The video walls were built with 46” narrow-bezel displays and delivered a total combined resolution of 14960×1536. The brightness and wide viewing angle of the displays allowed personnel in the control room to clearly view the video feeds, text, and graphics displayed on the video walls.

To route content to the video walls, CineMassive provided its Alpha video wall controller. The Alpha included twenty-two HD inputs that could capture security footage from operator workstations around the SOC. The video content could then be distributed in any arrangement to the three video walls and two projectors integrated with the system.

To provide operators with user-friendly control over the system, CineMassive designed a custom Touch Control interface that allowed operators to display any arrangement of video sources on the video walls or projectors, moving and scaling the content in real-time. Touch Control also enabled on-the-fly switching of pre-programmed content layouts.

By partnering with CineMassive, the client empowered its SOC team with a state-of-the-art visualization solution. The CineMassive system enhanced operators’ situational awareness and helped the team work collaboratively to monitor, analyze, and respond to events.

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