Intelsat NOC

IntelSat General

The Client

Intelsat General leverages its global network of satellites, teleports, and fiber infrastructure to provide satellite communications solutions to military, commercial, and government customers.

The Challenge

Intelsat General planned to implement a visualization system for monitoring the performance of its satellite fleets. To create this system, the company required a technical partner that could provide not only the video wall, but also complete integration and control room furnishings.

After reviewing a number of options, Intelsat General chose CineMassive to design and implement its new visualization system. CineMassive was selected because it offered a turn-key solution including all hardware, software, and integration.

The Solution

To design the optimal solution, CineMassive conducted a comprehensive needs analysis that included customer interviews and site surveys. CineMassive engineers then developed a turn-key solution that included video wall system design, space planning, custom furniture, and a long-term maintenance plan.

CineMassive designed and built a 14×2 55” ultra-narrow bezel LCD video wall. The multi-HD video wall provided a wide viewing angle, allowing personnel in the network operations center to easily view the data on the displays.

To route content to the displays, CineMassive provided an Alpha video wall controller. The Alpha could accept content from virtually any device and could display data from multiple workstations on the video wall simultaneously. By aggregating content from multiple PCs, the Alpha allowed operators to view large portions of their satellite network on the video wall.

To operate the system, CineMassive provided its Touch Control software, a user-friendly interface accessed through a touch console. Touch Control allowed operators to control the sources sent to the video wall and adjust content layouts on the fly.

To complete the visualization environment, CineMassive provided custom ergonomic consoles designed to support Intelsat General’s 24/7 operator workflow.

The CineMassive video wall system provided Intelsat General’s network operations center with a user-friendly solution for monitoring its satellite communication systems. By combining advanced visualization technology with space planning expertise, CineMassive delivered a solution that was both functional and ergonomic.

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