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The Wilson School

The Client

The Wilson School, located in Clayton, MO, serves children from pre-K through sixth grade. The school is renowned for its focus on blending classic and innovative teaching methods and for its use of state-of-the-art technology. The Wilson School faculty and staff are constantly exploring ways to create a more nurturing, creative, and interactive environment for their students.

The Challenge

In 2010, the Wilson School’s faculty and staff began developing plans for an immersive, interactive learning center where children could experience all facets of their curriculum through innovative visualization technology. The Wilson School envisioned an environment that could increase collaboration, encourage creativity, and enhance the learning process through the use of high-resolution displays.

The school had a number of requirements for the technology in the new environment. First, they wanted the video wall to be curved in order to create an immersive experience for students. In addition, they would need the system to integrate with the school’s Apple-centric network. As school officials began exploring solutions, they found that none of the standard display systems on the market could meet all of their demands. To bring their project to fruition, they would need to engage with a different kind of video wall provider.

The Wilson School identified CineMassive as a company that could provide all of the advanced visualization tools needed to create their interactive educational solution. As manufacturer and integrator, CineMassive was not only able to provide all software and hardware, but also integrate these components to bring the environment to life.

The Solution

CineMassive began by working closely with school officials and project architects to determine the best way to incorporate a video wall into the design of the new space. CineMassive then designed and built a curved, recessed LCD video wall with a 6×3 configuration and a combined resolution of 11520 x 3240. The video wall was mounted on a hidden structure of large freestanding columns to secure the weight of the screens and stabilize the displays. The wall’s curved structure was designed to create an engaging, immersive experience for students in the space.

To route content to the video wall, CineMassive provided the Alpha video wall controller, an ultra-high-resolution processor able to accept video, web applications, and more from virtually any device and display the content on the video wall. The Alpha made it simple for teachers to select and combine various materials and presentations to provide a rich learning experience.

Students and faculty were able to interact with the video wall via the Touch Control software interface. Touch Control provided an intuitive, user-friendly experience and could be accessed through the school’s iPads, allowing users to open and control content on the video wall at the touch of a finger.

CineMassive further enhanced the education environment by providing audio integration for the video wall system. To create a fully immersive experience, CineMassive designed a flexible, two-zone, surround sound audio system for the space. The audio levels could be controlled via the Touch Control interface.

The Wilson School’s completed advanced visualization environment, aptly named the Innovation Room, is now enjoyed by students and faculty for a wide variety of education enrichment purposes. CineMassive’s immersive visualization system encourages collaboration and allows faculty to connect students with experts, give demonstrations, and even take classes on virtual field trips, making the Innovation Room a truly state-of-the-art learning environment.

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