Students watching rendering on video wall

Louisiana State University

The Client

Louisiana State University’s College of Engineering prepares students for professional careers in a range of engineering fields, including research, development, design, operation, and more. As one of the fastest-growing colleges in the country, LSU’s College of Engineering is constantly exploring new technologies to enrich its curriculum and enhance the learning experience for its students.

The Challenge

Students and professors at the College of Engineering regularly worked with ultra-high-resolution video models to visualize engines within vehicles and machinery. However, when displaying this massive content on individual workstation monitors, educators had to choose between showing small portions of the models in full detail or sacrificing detail to view the complete models. These limitations prevented students from fully exploring and comprehending their course content.

To provide its students with superior visualization tools, the College of Engineering partnered with CineMassive to implement a video wall solution with a large-scale display canvas and ultra-high-definition rendering capabilities.

The Solution

To fulfill the requirements of LSU’s College of Engineering, CineMassive provided an LCD video wall with a 3×3 configuration of ultra-slim bezel displays. The video wall delivered a combined resolution of 4098×2304 – ample size and resolution for displaying large-scale engineering models.

To route content to the display system, CineMassive provided an Alpha video wall processor. The Alpha captured content from a wide range of devices, including PC workstations and video players, and allowed it to be placed anywhere on the displays and arranged in real-time.

To augment the processing power of the system, CineMassive provided a Bravo Viz content rendering engine. The Bravo Viz was able to render 3D models and other ultra-high-resolution content and display it on the video wall at native scale and detail.

With their new CineMassive video wall system, students and professors at LSU’s College of Engineering were able to view their engineering models at full scale and detail for the first time. The CineMassive system continues to serve as a key educational resource, delivering valuable insights to students and faculty at the college.

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