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US Air Force: Eglin Air Force Base

The Client

Eglin Air Force Base is a United States Air Force Base located near Valparaiso, Florida. The host unit at Eglin Air Force Base, the 96th Test Wing, serves as a testing and evaluation center for air-delivered weapons, navigation and guidance systems, command and control systems, and Air Force Special Operations Command Systems. One particular focus of the 96th Test Wing is the development and support of the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter Program.

The Challenge

A legacy rear projection system at Eglin AFB was declining in performance and demanded frequent maintenance, color calibration, realignment, and component replacement. The base wanted to implement a new display solution that could provide a lower cost of ownership as well as superior usability, reliability, and performance.

Eglin Air Force Base contacted CineMassive to design and build a visualization system that would better serve its needs. CineMassive was selected because of its reputation as a trusted technical partner for federal and defense agencies. In addition, CineMassive was able to provide a complete, turn-key solution, including all hardware, software, and integration.

The Solution

Before beginning the project, a CineMassive team traveled to Eglin Air Force Base to conduct a thorough site survey. Working with key stakeholders at the Air Force Base, CineMassive designed a turn-key visualization solution to meet the project’s unique requirements.

For the new display system, CineMassive provided an LCD video wall in a 10×2 configuration of 46″ displays. The video wall was designed for 24/7 reliability, featuring redundant power supplies in every display and a freestanding mount built for easy serviceability. The video wall’s high-resolution and wide viewing angle ensured that all operators in the control room could easily view content displayed on the screens.

The system was powered by an Alpha video wall controller. The Alpha featured redundant power supplies and hot-swappable components, providing the extreme reliability and resilience that Eglin Air Force Base required. It accepted signals in virtually any format, allowing operators to route video content from sources across the facility and display it on the video wall.

To control the system, CineMassive provided its Touch Control software, a user-friendly platform that allowed operators to view all of their content sources and place them on the video wall in real-time.

Eglin’s CineMassive video wall system provided enhanced clarity, precision, resolution, and usability while requiring minimal maintenance over time. The solution effectively reduced costs for the Air Force Base while improving operator effectiveness.

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