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Florida State University

The Client

In 2010, Florida State University completed its Augustus B. Turnbull III Florida State Conference Center. Located in Tallahassee Florida, The Turnbull Conference Center hosts a wide spectrum of events, including academic functions, government meetings, community events, and business seminars.

The Challenge

FSU wanted a high-impact presentation and conferencing solution for the Turnbull Conference Center. The university wanted to install a large video wall in the main auditorium and two smaller video walls in the nearby break-out rooms that flanked the auditorium.

In order to achieve internal approval, Turnbull staff would need a display solution that met a number of requirements. First, all three video walls would need to be user-friendly enough to be operated by presenters who had no prior experience with them. In addition, since the auditorium was an unusually deep and narrow space, the the display system in that room would need to be large enough to be visible from every seat while still fitting within the constrained environment.

FSU chose CineMassive to design the visualization solution for the Turnbull Conference Center. CineMassive was selected because of its custom solutions approach and willingness to work directly with FSU staff to design a system that met the project’s unique requirements.

The Solution

During the design process, CineMassive worked closely with Turnbull staff to meet all specifications, ensuring that the project would receive internal approval.

CineMassive built three bright, ultra-slim LCD video walls for the Turnbull Conference Center. The video walls in the two breakout rooms were built with configurations of 3×3 and 4×4 displays, and an expansive 8×5 LCD wall was provided for the main auditorium. CineMassive designed a custom mounting solution to provide maximum support and ventilation for the large auditorium video wall. The mounting system allowed the video distribution hardware to be installed directly behind the displays, conserving space without obstructing the cooling system.

To drive the display system, CineMassive provided a Bravo DS video wall controller. The Bravo DS supported both digital signage and presentation functionality and could accommodate the unique aspect ratio of the auditorium wall.

In digital signage mode, the system could display ultra-high-resolution content. A custom digital signage package allowed the content to be synchronized across all three rooms. In presentation mode, the system could capture information from various external sources, allowing the presenter to freely scale and manipulate content through a user-friendly software platform. The software provided a simple touch interface that enabled presenters to use the video wall as easily as they could use a projector.

CineMassive’s close partnership with FSU during every stage of the project resulted in a visually impressive, functional, and user-friendly display solution that continues to serve as a key resource for the Turnbull Conference Center.

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