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How to Buy

CineMassive is proud to provide purpose-built visualization solutions for a diverse range of customers, including the US Armed Services, universities, utilities, broadcasters, and more. To meet our customers’ unique acquisition needs, we offer a number of contract vehicles as well as direct purchasing options.

Purchasing Directly

Customers can purchase turn-key solutions directly from CineMassive. Contact us to connect with an account manager and start planning your video wall project today!

Purchasing through a Contract Partner

CineMassive also offers a variety of contract vehicles to support the procurement needs of our government customers. Our contract partners provide agile solutions that can streamline the acquisition process and increase cost-savings. Our experienced staff can help you choose the contract solution that best meets your program goals and mission requirements. Contact us to get started today!

Contract Vehicles

Contract Vehicle Name Type Who Can Use It URL
Alliant MA/IDIQ All Federal Agencies http://www.gsa.gov/alliant
NASA SEWP V GWAC All Federal Agencies http://www.sewp.nasa.gov/index.shtml
NETCENTS-2 GWAC All Federal Agencies http://www.netcents.af.mil/Contracts/NETCENTS-2/
DISA ENCORE II IDIQ All Federal Agencies n/a
FirstSource II/ IDIQ Department of Homeland Security https://www.dhs.gov/firstsource-ii
DHS EAGLE II IDIQ Department of Homeland Security https://www.dhs.gov/eagle-ii
CIO-CS IDIQ National Institutes of Health https://nitaac.nih.gov/services/cio-cs
CHESS IDIQ US Army https://chess.army.mil/
INSCOM GISS IDIQ US Army https://www.inscom.army.mil/
E-SITE IDIQ US DoD and Intel Agencies http://www.dia.mil/Business/E-SITE/
US Navy C2 MAC MA/IDIQ US Navy & Partner Agencies n/a
For a complete list of Contract Vehicles we serve, please contact us