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Video Wall Systems per Market

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Our purpose-built visualization systems serve customers across a broad range of industries and environments. No matter the application, a CineMassive system delivers unrivaled visual performance, reliability, and ease-of-use. Select your market below to learn about the solutions we can provide for your organization.

Defense control room with large video wall

Defense & Federal

Our field-proven visualization system delivers complete situational awareness, a dynamic common operating picture, and 24/7 reliability.

DoD & Federal Systems
Financial Market

Financial Services

CineMassive’s powerful & reliable visual collaboration technology provides up-to-the minute system information vital to financial institutions.

Financial Services Systems
Higher Education Market


Empower researchers, encourage collaborative learning, and boost student engagement with our powerful visualization system.

Higher Ed Systems
Network operations center with video wall

Network Operations Center

Improve network visibility and accelerate incident response by uniting your network management tools on a high-resolution dashboard.

NOC Systems
Public safety Market

Public Safety

Our high-resolution platform lets you monitor more thoroughly, respond faster, and collaborate with remote stakeholders.

Public Safety Systems
Security Operations Center

Security Operations Center

Our visualization system increases situational awareness and helps your team detect and respond to incidents before they escalate.

SOC Systems
Sports market

Sports Teams

Utilize a state-of-the-art collaborative visualization space for a multitude of purposes year-round, from draft walls to footage analysis to depth chart reviews.

Sports Systems
Technology Market


Organization in the technology sector depend on dynamic, secure workspaces where have access to infrastructure, security, and/or network status information at all times.

Technology Systems
Transportation management center with video wall

Traffic & Mass Transit

Aggregate and display dozens of traffic feeds, monitor critical data, and collaborate with external agencies to address incidents.

Traffic Management
Utilities Market

Utilities Management

Create a central dashboard where your team can visualize operational performance, monitor assets, and quickly detect and resolve problems.

Systems for Utilities