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Visualizing Distributed Operations

CineMassive systems help shipping companies and organizations keep track of assets and resources that are constantly in motion across large distances. Whether it’s supply chain management, fleet monitoring, or resource management, a shared visualized dashboard can easily receive data and footage from tracking tools and consolidate these elements into one, holistic view for efficient management.

CineMassive systems are built from the ground up as a complete, solution designed to fit your organization’s need right out of the box. After a detailed consultation, your custom CineMassive system will be installed at your facility and fully integrated into your environment by our team of experts.

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Use Cases

Security Operations Center

Security Operations Center

Security Operations Centers (SOCs) monitor the physical security of specific buildings and organizations. The necessary camera feeds and access data collected in a SOC give decision-makers all the relevant information needed to identify and react to incidents as they occur.

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Network Operations Center

Network Operations Center

Network Operations Centers (NOCs) are vital to monitoring network health across large companies. A visualized dashboard gives operators the real-time view needed to address and mitigate network issues quickly as they arise.

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Benefits of our Comprehensive Solution

Situational Awareness icon

Increased situational awareness

  • Visualize operations in one, holistic view
  • Move from high level to granular operational views instantly
  • Enhance procedures and workflows with a shared operating picture
User friendly Software icon

Streamlined control

  • Intuitive touch-screen controls
  • Create and save custom layouts as needed
  • Manage web-based apps directly through CineNet
GuardianCare icon

Ongoing support and protection

  • 24/7/365 phone support and priority on-site support
  • Immediate access to latest software features and updates
  • Support through entire product life-cycle with GuardianCare
Presentations icon

Out-of-the-box scalability

  • Easily add and manage additional content sources and web applications through CineNet
  • Intuitively connect multiple locations without custom programming
Video Conferencing icon

Connects stakeholders across the network

  • Collaborate with decision-makers in real-time
  • Push entire video wall layouts to stakeholders in seconds
  • Centralize administration for distributed management
24/7 Reliability icon

Delivers 24/7 reliability

  • Developed for mission-critical operations
  • 24/7/365 reliability and extreme resilience
  • Multiple redundancies keep systems running in unlikely event of equipment failure

System Security and Stability

System Security

Security for your logistics operations system is critical. With advanced threats attacking networks and organizations every day, we take security very seriously. Data from the CineNet UI to your web server is encrypted and authenticated using TLS 1.2, ECDHE_RSA with X25519, and AES_256_GCM. Administrators can keep precise control over all operator access with granular user permission settings.

Logistics operations must run at peak efficiency. To ensure the stability of these mission-critical shipping centers our video wall systems are designed with multiple fail safes and redundancies. Backup power supplies and software and hardware routines are in place to keep vital system functions running in the unlikely event of equipment failure or loss.

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