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Unified Intelligence for Safer, More Effective Operations

CineMassive visualization systems are vital to the work of Public Safety operations. Our solutions are found in Real Time Crime Centers (RTCCs), Emergency Operations Centers (EOCs), and Traffic Management Centers (TMCs) all over the country. Through a CineMassive system, these facilities can display incoming data from IP cameras, reporting systems, and analytical tracking tools on a high-resolution video wall. This real-time dashboard assists operators in visualizing crime patterns, responding to emergency situations, and witnessing unfolding events from the scene as they occur. With its user-friendly controls, our system helps first responders work quickly and safely with the best possible intelligence.

As a provider of complete, custom solutions, CineMassive will design and deliver your complete video wall – including displays, processors, software, and support. Your new CineMassive system will be installed at your facility and expertly integrated into your working environment by our team.

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Use Cases

real time crime centers

Real Time Crime Centers

The common operating picture of a Real Time Crime Center helps officers and first responders respond to incidents with greater safety and efficiency through enhanced situational awareness.

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Public Safety Operations Center

Emergency Operations

Emergency operations departments across the country depend on the best intelligence from the scene of an incident to make split-second decisions. CineMassive solutions cover both static operations centers as well as mobile, field ready teams.

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Traffic Management Centers

Transportation Management Centers

Traffic management and mass transit centers use IP cameras and traffic monitoring tools to track road conditions, congestion, and incidents as they occur. Through a shared visual dashboard, operators measure and assign resources to keep roads safe and traffic flowing.

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Alpha FX Stryke Core Accessory Kit

Mobile Operations Centers

Mobile field operations demand collaborative decision-making from the front lines of emergency situations. CineMassive’s mobile solutions are built for the fast deployment of video walls to serve both military and public safety operations.

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Montgomery 911 Call Center

911/311 Call Centers

911 and 311 call centers rely on up-to-the-minute decision-making to balance high volumes of incoming calls and dispatch operations to direct resources and first responders in the field.

CineMassive was the complete package. They had the video wall itself, they had the controlling system and software, and they had the ability to manipulate the data feeds on the screens.

Larry Fisher, Emergency Communications Director | Montgomery, AL 911 Call Center

Benefits of our Custom Solution

Situational Awareness icon

Increases situational awareness

  • Creates a unified view of all incoming information
  • Enhanced intelligence improves response & officer safety
  • Display real-time intelligence from IP cameras, policing tools such as ShotSpotter, analytics, and more
User friendly Software icon

Provides user-friendly control

  • Manage content with an easy-to-use interface
  • Programming knowledge is not required for advanced use
  • Create custom layouts and video wall behaviors within seconds

GuardianCare icon

Ongoing support and protection

  • Entire product life-cycle support through GuardianCare
  • Priority on-site support and assistance in addition to 24/7 phone support
  • Immediate access to CineNet’s newest features and latest updates
Dynamic Workflow icon

Reduces incident response time

  • Track unfolding events in real-time
  • Relay vital information to all teams in the field instantly
  • Monitor news coverage and communications alongside incoming information from the scene
Multiple Content Control icon

Offers multiple content control options

  • Switch quickly between layouts as needed per incident
  • Easily and quickly share content between workstations, video walls, and remote field ops
  • Automate and preschedule actions such as rotating camera feeds
Future Proof

Future-proof investment

  • Continuous development keeps technology cutting-edge
  • Simple, one-time licensing
  • Hardware and software built to withstand rigors of military use

Portable, Field Ready Collaboration

The Alpha FX Stryke is an ultra-portable, highly powerful processor that is small enough to fit in a backpack. The Stryke can work with any available display and accept virtually any content source. With several packages available, the Stryke can work with your existing displays or come housed in a complete pop-up visualization kit. No matter the setup, the Stryke is ready in minutes.

Designed to help first responders and officers communicate with headquarters and dispatch from the scene of the incident in real-time, the Stryke provides the common operating picture needed for faster and better informed decision making.

Featured Case Studies

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department

The City of Charlotte decided to revamp its existing Public Safety Operations infrastructure to streamline interdepartmental communication and future-proof their operations.

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City of Chesapeake PSOC

In their new Public Safety Operations Center (PSOC), the City of Chesapeake's public safety departments leverage CineMassive technology throughout the premises. This next-generation, state-of-the art facility houses multiple operations centers purpose-built for maximum efficiency and resiliency.

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Miami Gardens Real Time Crime Center

Miami Gardens' Real Time Crime Center leverages a CineMassive visualization system to enable safer, more effective crime fighting. Officers use the system to monitor camera feeds, visualize crime patterns, and deliver critical information to response units.

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Montgomery 911 Call Center

A CineMassive system enhances situational awareness and information-sharing at Montgomery's 911 Call Center. Using the video wall, dispatchers can monitor real-time data from multiple platforms and deliver valuable insights to first responders.

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