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Collaborative Workspaces for Professional Sports

CineMassive video wall systems are advantageous for any collegiate sports team or professional franchise for a variety of reasons. Sports organizations across the country are updating their outdated chalk and whiteboards to state-of-the-art collaborative visualization spaces for real-time team and facility management to stay ahead of the game and build winning teams.

The technology that powers and controls each system is designed with every end user in mind. Our CineNet software can be used by all staff members, operators, and managers regardless of technical experience.

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Versatile Uses Throughout the Year

Digital collaborative spaces bring draft operations into the future with a shared platform accessible to everyone in the room. With management and team members working across the same common operating platform, timely decisions can be made based on the best available information. Analytics, players statistics, and bios are no longer passed around on paper or handwritten cards but saved and displayed across the draft wall at a moment’s notice. Beyond the draft process, these visualization systems are ideal year-round for:

Sports Draft Wall
  • Footage analysis
  • Depth chart reviews
  • Scout teams
  • Free agency prospects
  • Injury analysis
  • Pre-season cut lists
  • Public relations
  • Signing days
  • Social program promotions

What makes these systems so versatile is their ability to be operated by any individual with approved access. Our CineNet content management software is intuitive and responsive by design, so it’s easy to use by anyone. Management and coaches alike can easily position content and create custom layouts without extensive training or programming knowledge.

Benefits of Our Complete Solutions

User friendly Software icon

User-Friendly Control

  • Intuitive touch interface controls
  • Easily designed custom layouts
  • No IT guidance needed for daily operations
24/7 Reliability icon

24/7 Reliability

  • Accessible anytime by all parties as needed
  • Designed for mission-critical operations and procedures
  • Built-in system redundancies guarantee operational efficiencies
Sync Playback icon

Offers multiple content control options

  • Switch quickly between layouts as needed per situation
  • Easily share content between coaches and staff
  • Automate layouts to cycle through relevant content as needed
Quick Decision icon

Swift, Accurate Decision-Making

  • Dynamic control over real-time information
  • Instantly focus on areas of interest and pertinent data
  • Ease of collaboration with a shared workspace
GuardianCare icon

Ongoing Support & Protection

  • 24/7 phone support and priority on-site support
  • Access to latest software features and updates
  • GuardianCare provides support throughout the product lifecycle
Future Proof

Future-proof investment

  • Continuous development keeps technology cutting-edge
  • Simple, one-time licensing
  • Hardware and software built with maximum redundancies for power and performance throughout your system’s lifetime

Simple but Powerful Content Management

The CineNet™ video wall management platform provides comprehensive and flexible management of a Cinemassive visualization system, but is simple and streamlined enough for anyone to use! Team management doesn’t need any prior programming knowledge to build layouts, connect content sources, or control system devices. Anyone is able to access and utilize the system with a push of a button – all without having to rely on your internal IT staff to guide or dictate actions.

CineNet Software Interface

Featured Case Study

Professional Football Draft Room

A professional American Football team wanted to update their draft operations, and now have a year-round multi-purpose visualization system.

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