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CineMassive Empowers Students and Researchers with Groundbreaking Visualization System

ATLANTA, Feb. 19, 2015 – CineMassive, an industry leader in high-performance video wall solutions, today announced a major visualization breakthrough for education and research. The Alpha FX platform is an end-to-end visualization solution that unites groundbreaking processing and rendering, user-friendly control software, and ultra-high-resolution video walls, transforming the visual exploration of big data. The Alpha FX platform is an ideal solution for classrooms, laboratories, and libraries in institutions of higher education.

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CineMassive Announces Major Breakthrough in Video Wall Processing and Software for Broadcast Studios

ATLANTA, Feb. 17, 2015 – CineMassive, an industry leader in high-performance video wall solutions, today announced a groundbreaking innovation for digital set displays in broadcast studios. The Alpha FX platform, composed of the Alpha FX video wall processor and CineNet Live software, is the first system in the world to unite the capabilities of a video wall processor and a matrix switch with 3D accelerated graphics, content management, pre-programmed show-building, and real-time control.

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CineMassive Launches CineView II – The Next Generation LCD Video Wall for Critical Space and High Performance Presentation Systems

ATLANTA, Feb. 6, 2014 – CineMassive, the leading technology resource in delivering innovative, fully integrated visualization systems for critical environments, is pleased to announce the release of our next generation CineView II LCD video wall display. Building upon the success of the first-generation of the CineView product line, which was launched in February 2012, the second-generation of the CineView product line has been improved to offer a best-in-class ownership experience.

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