Video Wall Accessories

Video Wall Accessories

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Get More Out of Your Investment with CineMassive Accessories

Your video wall may require additional hardware to create the ultimate custom visualization system, so CineMassive offers a variety of video wall accessories. These include additional IP encoders and decoders, an advanced content rendering engine, and specialized video wall mounts.

CineLinks Fmaily

CineLink IP Encoders and Decoders

Leveraging your existing network infrastructure and AV equipment, CineLink IP encoders and decoders create a scalable AV/IP platform that allows virtually any content source to be routed to any video wall controller or display.

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Bravo Viz Video Wall Controller

Bravo Viz

The Bravo Viz is a high-performance video wall processor powered by 3D accelerated graphics hardware. It’s ideal for simulation, data visualization, and other applications that involve the display of ultra-high-resolution content.

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Video wall mount

Video Wall Mounts

We offer a wide variety of mounting options for our video walls such as freestanding, wall-mounted, curved, and more. Built with custom-fabricated steel and aluminum, our mounts are extremely durable and designed for easy serviceability.

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CineMassive's Turn-Key Video Wall Solution

Explore our range of video wall systems designed for your environment whether it’s for critical decision-making, operations management, large-scale collaborations, or for enhanced learning and research visualizations.

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Featured Case Studies

Miami Gardens Real Time Crime Center

Miami Gardens' Real Time Crime Center leverages a CineMassive visualization system to enable safer, more effective crime fighting. Officers use the system to monitor camera feeds, visualize crime patterns, and deliver critical information to response units.

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CURVE at Georgia State University Library

A touch-interactive CineMassive system enables collaborative visualization at Georgia State University Library's CURVE research center. Leveraging the video wall system, researchers can render 3D maps and other massive files at native resolution.

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Montgomery 911 Call Center

A CineMassive system enhances situational awareness and information-sharing at Montgomery's 911 Call Center. Using the video wall, dispatchers can monitor real-time data from multiple platforms and deliver valuable insights to first responders.

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