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Video Wall Mounts

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A full selection of custom mount solutions

No matter your application or environment, CineMassive will provide your new video wall with a robust, scalable mounting solution. Our mounting systems are built with custom-fabricated steel and aluminum and are engineered for optimal durability, alignment, and performance. Every mount features our innovative push-pull design, which allows an individual panel to be removed for service without removing adjacent panels.

We offer a broad selection of wall-mounted and freestanding solutions and can also design custom mounts. Explore our most popular mounting options below.

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Key Benefits

  • Durable, scalable, and precisely-aligned
  • Built with custom-fabricated steel and aluminum
  • Designed for easy serviceability
  • Wall-mounted, freestanding, and custom options

Traditional LCD Mounting Solutions

Standard LCD Video Wall Mount illustration

Standard Wall Mounts

Our standard mount is ideal for customers who want to mount a video wall to an existing wall in their facility. It is compatible with virtually any wall surface so long as it can support the weight of the desired display configuration.

Curved LCD Video Wall Mount illustration

Curved Wall Mounts

For customers who wish to mount their display system to a curved wall, our standard mount can be customized with a curved radius that follows the contours of the wall.

Recessed LCD Video Wall Mount illustration

Recessed Wall Mounts

Our recessed mount provides a zero-depth profile, allowing the surface of your displays to blend seamlessly with the surrounding wall. This design is ideal for boardrooms, corporate lobbies, and other environments where aesthetics are a major focus.

Freestanding LCD Mounting Solutions

Standard Freestanding LCD Mount illustration

Standard Freestanding Mounts

Our standard freestanding mount is ideal for display systems in environments with limited wall-mounting space. It attaches securely to concrete flooring and features a sleek, low-profile design.

Curved Freestanding LCD Video Wall Mount

Curved Freestanding Mounts

Our curved freestanding mount delivers the immersive experience of a curved video wall without requiring a curved structural wall. This design is also an excellent way to implement a larger display system in a smaller space.

Custom LCD and LED Mounting Solutions

Custom Mosaic LCD Video Wall mount

CineMassive can design a custom mounting system for virtually any display configuration. Whether you need an incline-mounted video wall, a ceiling-mounted solution, or an unusual shape, we can deliver the optimal solution for your needs.