Bravo DS video wall controller - abstract

Bravo Viz Video Wall Processor

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Seamless rendering, incredible resolutions

The Bravo Viz is a high-performance video wall processor powered by 3D accelerated graphics hardware. It fluidly renders 3D content and other massive files at native resolution, displaying them at full scale and detail on your video wall. The Bravo Viz is ideal for simulation, data visualization, and other applications that involve the display of ultra-high-resolution content.

Bravo Viz Controller on Gray Background

Key Benefits

  • Smoothly renders 3D content and other ultra-high-resolution files at native resolution
  • Can render up to 64xHD (or 16x4K) at 60FPS
  • Compatible with Windows and Linux operating systems
  • Natively integrates with CineMassive X4 and FX video wall controllers

Product Features

Extreme rendering performance

Leveraging 3D accelerated graphics hardware, the Bravo Viz smoothly renders 3D maps and models, graphics-intensive applications, and other multi-HD content at native resolution. The Bravo Viz can drive over 132 million active pixels (64xHD), allowing your video wall to display massive regions of data in full detail.

Accepts virtually any content

The Bravo Viz can render content in virtually any format and is compatible with PC and Linux workstations, NAS arrays, supercomputers, and more.

Natively integrates with your CineMassive controller

The Bravo Viz can serve as an expansion system for your CineMassive Alpha FX video wall controller. Content rendered by the Bravo Viz is captured by the controller and appears in the CineNet interface, where it can be dragged and dropped onto the video wall like any other content source.

Bravo Viz Video Wall Processor Signal Flow Diagram

Bravo Viz signal flow diagram