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CineNet Video Wall Management Platform

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What is the CineNet Platform?

The CineNet™ Platform is a powerful combination of video wall management software and hardware components. It was built to give our customers the ultimate control over their custom-designed, high-performance video wall systems. The platform is designed with scalability, flexibility, and security in mind. CineNet is tailored to meet the unique demands of our clients' mission critical applications.

CineNet Video Wall Software Interface

CineNet Software

Our CineNet video wall software gives you unmatched control over your video wall system. This includes content, systems devices, and the overall environment. Delivering more value than any other video wall management products, CineNet is the most scalable, feature-rich video processing system available.

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CineNet Platform Hardware

CineNet Hardware

Our CineNet hardware extends the power of the platform. They give you the highest levels of web application streaming, soft KVM control, redundancy, performance, and security of any video wall system on the market today.

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Will CineNet Meet Our Organization’s Needs?

CineNet is highly flexible and easy to use. It has a powerful feature set in order to meets the needs of organizations across a variety of industries. Below are some of the common needs of our customers and a few examples of how CineNet addresses them. For more detailed information, please see our Case Studies and Markets sections.

Situational Awareness

Situational awareness and response

In the world of network and security operations, control rooms, command centers, and other environments performing real-time monitoring and analysis of multiple video streams and other data, CineNet facilitates the selection, control, and display of content.

  • Automated layout sequencing and scheduling
  • IP-based content streaming
  • Device control including custom devices
  • Multiple video wall support
  • Mirrored displays for total redundancy
  • Merged processor displays for fault-tolerance and scalability
  • Merged displays for scaling to the largest displays

Secure operations

Given today’s environment of both external and internal malicious actors, many organizations prioritize security when evaluating systems. The advanced security features included in CineNet make this decision easy.

  • TLS 1.2 encryption
  • Granular permission setting
  • Single sign-on
  • Manual and automated back-ups
  • Tight integration with CineMassive ecosystem
Brand Awareness

Brand awareness and engagement

Displaying your organization’s branded content in a larger-than-life format, such as a video wall, makes an important statement about your brand to customers, prospects, partners, and employees. CineNet’s intuitive and powerful features make this easy.

  • Live Mode
  • Text overlays and content borders
  • Media upload, storage and playback
  • Window layering and opacity



Real-time collaboration

In many organizations, visual information must be shared in order to present various types of data, perform analysis, and make well-informed decisions. CineNet includes many features that enable our customers to meet this need.

  • Access to all your web and locally installed content across your network
  • Desktop streaming
  • Advanced content management including layout sequencing, annotations, animated transitions, window rotation, opacity, z-ordering of assets, and background management
Streamlined Interface

Reduced complexity for users

A primary goal of many organizations is to maximize employee productivity by eliminating unnecessarily complex systems and administrative overhead. Designed with the end-user in mind, CineNet provides a simple, intuitive interface for infrequent users.

  • Short learning curve
  • Familiar tablet control
  • Simplified user interface option
  • Configurable macros
  • Browser-based user interface
Future Proof


Change is the only constant in life, so organizations need to ensure that the systems they invest in today meet their requirements years into the future. CineNet is designed to allow you to adjust to operational changes without requiring a “fork-lift” upgrade.

  • Configurable behaviors and dashboards
  • Unlimited layouts
  • Continuous development
  • Simple, one-time licensing
  • Robust performance
  • IPv6 support for the latest Internet protocol


CineMassive's Family of Video Wall Products

Our custom video wall systems are purpose-built to provide reliable and powerful visualization and collaboration in a number of different environments. Explore our products and learn how CineMassive can provide the custom solution your organization needs!

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Complete Video Wall System

Featured Case Studies

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department

The City of Charlotte, NC needed to update their technology and easily collaborate between three separate locations. Their new CineMassive video wall system, managed through the CineNet Platform, met their needs and revitalized their operations.

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City of Chesapeake PSOC

In their new Public Safety Operations Center (PSOC), the City of Chesapeake's public safety departments leverage CineMassive technology throughout the premises. The next-generation, state-of-the-art facility houses multiple operations centers purpose-built to maximize efficiency and resiliency.

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CURVE at Georgia State University Library

A touch-interactive CineMassive video wall system enables collaborative visualization at Georgia State University Library's CURVE research center. Utilizing the the free standing wall, researchers can render 3D maps and other massive files at native resolution.

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