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What is the CineNet Platform Hardware?

While the CineNet™ software application is designed to give you management control over your video wall system, content, and environment, our CineNet hardware extends the power of the platform by giving you the highest levels of web application streaming, soft KVM control, resiliency, performance, and security of any video wall system on the market.


Industry-leading web application streaming and soft KVM control.

CineMassive is excited to introduce CineAgent, an expansion of the CineNet Platform. Now with the introduction of the CineAgent server, you can stream, interact, and share any web application across your network in real-time.


Scalable web application streaming

  • Stream four concurrent web applications per server into a centralized view.
  • Share any web application which can be viewed in a Chrome web browser.
  • Dynamically set up and pull from a pool of web applications which frees up hardware when not in use.
  • Compact size allows for adding multiple CineAgent devices as needed – 1RU height x half-width.

Input linking

  • Avoid network bottlenecks and ensure the highest connection speed possible for streaming web applications and KVM control.
  • This feature requires a dedicated physical connection between a CineAgent and an Alpha FX processor with an HDMI cable.

Full soft KVM interaction with you video wall

  • Interact with web content on your video wall via a touch screen or mouse.
  • Focus in on the most critical information you want to share across your network.

Global common operating picture support

  • Provide access to the latest web information to remote employees and teams – regardless of location.
  • Display and view web content from virtually any device – PC, tablet, or mobile phone.

Asset pinning

  • Continuously stream web applications for quick asset changes without waiting for a website to load.

Site Manager

Essential for optimizing redundancy, performance, and security.

When it comes to effectively managing today’s mission-critical environments, multi-room scenarios, and complex video wall systems, your organization needs Site Manager, a hardware device integrated with the CineNet Platform. With Site Manager you have the key to unlocking the highest levels of redundancy, performance, and security.

Site Manager

Optimized redundancy

  • Add an extra layer of redundancy if your Alpha FX processor becomes unavailable.
  • Enable display mirroring – hot/hot backup redundancy of capturing and displaying content.

Optimized security

  • Add a secure gateway and protect your system from the latest threats.

Optimized performance

  • Scale to large video wall systems.
  • Expand the number of web applications that can be streamed on your video display wall.
  • Ensure an unmatched audiovisual experience.
CineNet Device Control Interface on Tablet

CineNet Software

CineNet is the software application used to control the content on your CineMassive video walls. Explore the benefits and features of CineNet and learn how CineMassive can help you design a custom video wall solution to fit your organizations’ exact needs.

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