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Flexibility to Meet Any Workflow

In addition to the basic features available from other video wall management providers, CineNet includes features that surpass even the most complex requirements. Highly configurable, CineNet enhances your existing and future workflows without costly and time-consuming custom programming.

Features & Benefits

Pre-defined Layouts

Save an unlimited number of layouts for future use by simply selecting “Save” and entering a name. Automate the interface so your organizations’ executives and other designated users can open the relevant layouts with a single click.


Customize CineNet so that a single button performs all the steps needed to accomplish each workflow. For example, set up a task so that with one click users can select a layout for the video wall, dim the lights, enable the video conferencing system, set the audio volume, and set the channel of the tuner.

CineNet Video Wall Software Layout screenshot
Upload Files

Media upload

Use CineNet’s file upload feature to easily upload a video or image file on-the-fly from the interface. Once uploaded, your media is available to be shared on video walls and other displays.


Manage your video walls without having to install new software on your computer. Simply open a web browser on a networked computer or the supplied touch controller, then navigate to CineNet to manage your video content.

Advanced content management

Use advanced content management features like annotations, automated layout sequencing, image scaling and cropping, animated transitions, content borders, window layering and opacity, and layout rotation to meet all your content display needs.

Control applications with soft KVM

Interact with content on VNC (virtual networked computers) while sharing it on the video wall using CineNet’s software-based keyboard and mouse controls.

Access to all your content across your network

Encode your sources using a CineLink. Once encoded they are available in CineNet as assets across your network. Display all your IP-based content sources in any room(s) and on any display(s) on your network.


Check Out More Benefits of CineNet

CineNet kiosk mode


CineNet is an intuitive application with streamlined controls for less tech-savvy team members. It's perfect for organizations with rotating staff.

User-Friendly Interface
CineNet Device Control Interface


From in-app third-party device control to advanced content management to real-time streaming, CineNet is powerful enough to handle all of your organization's needs.

Powerful Control
CineNet Security Settings Interface

Secure System

With precise user permissions, centralized administrative control, and Triple DES encryption, CineNet was designed to protect your organization from internal and external threats.

Reliable Security