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Secure Video Wall Access & Control

In today’s environment of advanced threats and hostile actors, set your mind at ease with 168-bit, Triple DES encryption for your data. Administrators have precise control over user permissions, dictating the content and actions available to each user role in the user interface.

Features & Benefits

Simplified User Interface

Set up CineNet so that users’ view is limited to only the functions they need. With only one or a few options to choose from, these users cannot see sensitive content or devices to which they should not have access.


Configure the unique automation functionality in CineNet so that users can accomplish complex tasks while not having access to the building blocks for that task. For example, set up a single button to select a layout for the video wall, dim the lights, and set the tuner to CNN, without granting separate access to the layout, lighting, or tuner.

Kiosk Mode
Activity Security CineNet Settings

Granular permission setting

Define exactly the activities to which each user group has access. Through these permissions, administrators can restrict users from specific content, rooms, connected devices, pre-defined layouts, and more.


Secure both your stored and transmitted data. CineNet includes 168-bit Triple Data Encryption (3DES) using three individual 56-bit keys. Additionally, data sent between your browser and web server is encrypted via Secure Sockets Layer (SSL).

Single sign-on

Utilize Single Sign-on (SSO) so that you can integrate CineNet into your organization’s existing IT security infrastructure. With SSO, you can ensure strong passwords meeting corporate standards, force regular password updates, and reduce the different sets of credentials your users need remember.

Explore Additional CineNet Benefits

CineNet kiosk mode


CineNet has an intuitive interface with streamlined controls, and is designed with the end-user in mind. It's easy to learn, even for infrequent users or your less tech-savvy team members.

User-friendly Interface
CineNet Device Control Interface


Providing advanced content management, in-app device control, and other industry-leading features, CineNet is powerful enough to handle all your teams’ needs.

Powerful Control
CineNet Whiteboarding


An extremely flexible application that surpasses the rest of the industry, CineNet is highly configurable. It will meet your organization's needs without the hassle or expense of custom programming.

Extreme Flexibility