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User-Friendly Video Wall Software

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User-friendly Interface

A simple, intuitive interface makes a world of difference when infrequent users operate a powerful software application. Incorporating common design elements available in other applications like drag & drop of content and easy cropping, CineNet eliminates time-consuming training sessions, frustrated users, and frequent technical support questions.

Features & Benefits

Device control

Access a simple on-screen remote control for third-party devices like video teleconferencing systems, speakers, cable tuners, and video cameras, eliminating the need for external equipment and custom programming.


Customize CineNet so that a single button performs all the steps needed to accomplish each task. For example, with one click a user could select a layout for the video wall, dim the lights, enable the video conferencing system, set the audio volume, and set the channel of the tuner.

Device Control Interface in CineNet
Kiosk Mode

Simplified user interface option

Set up “Kiosk” mode in shared areas so users will only see the activity(s) they need. Your users will avoid the time and frustration of searching through a complicated menu system or for poorly placed buttons to find the right action.

Short learning curve

Reduce your training needs, as CineNet’s interface is designed with simplicity in mind. It incorporates an intuitive, drag & drop interface and thoughtfully designed screens, so you don’t have to invest heavily in user training.

Media upload

Upload a video or image file on-the-fly right from the user interface. Once uploaded, this file is available for display on the video wall or other displays.

Familiar tablet control

Manage your video wall content and third-party devices using a familiar touchscreen device. A 10” tablet controller is shipped with every CineMassive video wall system.

Upload Files

Explore Everything CineNet has to Offer

CineNet Device Control Interface


Control external devices, access across your network, advanced content management, CineNet is powerful enough to handle all of your orginization's needs.

Powerful Control
CineNet Whiteboarding


Configurable to meet your workflow and security needs without custom programming! CineNet is a very flexible application that surpasses other video wall management systems in the industry.

Extreme Flexibility
CineNet Security Settings Interface


CineNet includes precise administrative control, permissions set by user role, and Triple DES data encryption, among other features, to ensure system security.

Reliable Security