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What is the Alpha FX Stryke?

The Alpha FX Stryke family of products are man-portable, tactical command and control solutions designed for harsh environments. Enabling teams to make well-informed decisions in real-time, Stryke controllers allow operators in tents, rigid shelters, vehicles, hotel rooms, safe houses, and other environments to share a common operating picture with their unit and command.

The Stryke enhances team collaboration, enabling the sharing of multiple video streams and images within a room and across a network. It is available stand-alone, with a core accessories kit, and/or with an industrial-grade 2x2 video display solution.

Because the Stryke is so easy to operate, it can be set up and torn down in minutes. Another benefit to your field operators is that it requires no maintenance. The Stryke’s modular HDMI inputs and outputs, enable it to work with essentially any display, perfect for operators who acquire a display after reaching their destination.

Available Models and Optional Kits

Alpha FX Stryke Video Wall Controller

Alpha FX Stryke

An ultra-rugged command and control processor with no moving parts. The Stryke is designed to withstand shock, vibration, and extreme temperature environments. Pending certification to MIL-STD-810G.

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Alpha FX Stryke SR

Alpha FX Stryke SR

A semi-rugged visualization solution targeted at climate-controlled environments. The Stryke SR is the smallest system on the market that powers command and control systems.

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Alpha FX Stryke SR Accessory Kits

Optional Stryke Kits

Both Stryke models are available with two optional kits – a core kit that includes a ruggedized carrying case and a control point and accessories, as well as a 2×2 industrial-grade LCD video wall display system kit.
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Why Stryke?

Simply put, the Stryke opens a new world to those running and performing tactical operations. It combines the capabilities of a video processor, matrix switch, and intuitive control system into one small, ruggedized package. It enables real-time collaboration among warfighters and their command, setting a new bar for defense, public safety, intelligence, and other applications.

Size, Weight, and Power

Size, Weight, & Power

The Stryke can be carried in a backpack and used with most power sources with its unsurpassed size, weight, and power characteristics.

rugged equipment


Operators can use the Stryke in extreme temperature environments and withstand rough handling, as it is designed to MIL-STD-810G’s high and low temperature and shock and vibration requirements.

Mission Ready Equipment


Users can set the Stryke up and tear it down in minutes, control it through intuitive CineNet software, connect it with any HDMI-compatible display, and not perform any maintenance.

Scalable Systems


Scale your Stryke system as needed – it is equipped with 4 standard HDMI input and output ports, designed for either tabletop or rack use, and compatible with most displays.

CineNet Software

CineNet Video Wall Software on tablet

All Stryke processors come loaded with user-friendly CineNet control software. CineNet allows you to easily manage the visual content needed to establish a common operating picture with your command and unit. It provides advanced functionality like annotations, snap-to-grid, time zone clocks, and pre-defined layouts to enable real-time, informed decision-making.
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