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Alpha FX Stryke Accessory Kits

The optimal Stryke model and accessory options for your unit depend upon the specifics of its mission – how the Stryke command and control system will be transported and the environments in which it will be used.

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1. Select your Stryke processor

All Stryke processors include CineNet software and updates for one year, 20 hours of phone support, a 3-year warranty, staging, project management services, QuickStart Guides, How-to video library credentials, and CONUS shipping*.
*OCONUS shipping incurs additional charges.

View the Stryke introductory page for more detailed information. The available accessory kits are described below. Some of the primary differences between the Stryke models include:

Alpha FX Stryke Video Wall Controller

Alpha FX Stryke

Ultra-rugged, passively cooled, no moving parts. Designed for harsh environments.

Alpha FX Stryke SR

Alpha FX Stryke SR

Semi-rugged, actively cooled, includes internal fan. Designed for climate-controlled environments.

2. Choose you Core Kit (optional):

Both the Stryke and Stryke SR include: ruggedized transport case, keyboard with touchpad, spare hard drive, HDMI cables, battery cable for BA-5590/BA-2590, space for the Stryke processor, and documentation.

Stryke Core Accessory Kit

Alpha FX Stryke Kit

The Stryke and accessories are packed into a custom-cut foam insert in the ruggedized case to keep your equipment protected, organized, and readily available. A 15.6” control point with USB-C cable is also included. Remove equipment from case prior to use.

Alpha FX Stryke SR Core Accessory Kit

Alpha FX Stryke SR Kit

The Stryke SR and a 13.3” touch controller are mounted into a ruggedized case for rapid use. The cables are connected to the Stryke via a mounted patch panel, enabling your team to simply open the case, connect the power, input, and output cables, and begin tactical operations. The SR core kit also includes a spare fan and fan filter.

3. Choose any additional accessories

2x2 Display Wall

A 2x2 industrial-grade LCD display wall is available to order for all models of the Stryke. With a combined 4K resolution, this video wall is perfect for command and control scenarios with multiple sources and/or viewers.

Each of the four 22” LCD displays has a 1920x1080 resolution, 250 nits brightness, a 3000:1 contrast ratio, and consumes 40W power on average. The display wall can be operated at 0-50⁰C and stored at -10-60⁰C. The displays, custom free-standing mount, and cables are packed into a single ruggedized case with a custom-cut protective foam insert for transport.

2x2 Industrial-Grade Display Kit

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