Real Time Crime Center with three video walls

Video Wall Controllers and Processors

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Dynamic content control, pixel-perfect resolution

CineMassive video wall controller products offer unparalleled performance for content processing and control. Extremely reliable and user-friendly, our video wall controllers perform a variety of functions, including rendering, content processing, media playback, and content management.

Alpha video wall controller chassis - white


The Alpha is a 4K video wall controller that gives you dynamic, real-time control of your content. It offers dozens of inputs and outputs and accepts content from virtually any source. Designed for 24/7 operations, the Alpha is extremely reliable, resilient, and user-friendly.

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Alpha FX video wall controller chassis - white

Alpha FX

The Alpha FX is a 4K video wall controller with enhanced graphical performance and multi-video wall support. Offering an exclusive suite of presentation-building features, the Alpha FX gives you total content flexibility and delivers a seamless, immersive visual experience.

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Bravo DS video wall controller chassis - white

Bravo DS

The Bravo DS is a processing, rendering, and playback system for ultra-high-resolution digital signage. It renders files at pixel-perfect resolution and can sync content seamlessly across multiple displays. The Bravo DS also includes a powerful suite of content authoring, distribution, and playback tools.

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Bravo Viz video wall controller chassis - white

Bravo Viz

The Viz is a high-performance content rendering engine powered by 3D accelerated graphics hardware. The Viz smoothly renders 3D content and other massive files at native resolution so they can be displayed at full scale and detail on your video wall.

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Why a CineMassive Video Wall Controller?

Custom Tailored Solutions

Your CineMassive controller will be custom-built and optimized for your needs. We’ll work with you to determine the ideal controller type, software package, quantity of inputs and outputs, and additional customization that may be needed.

Display Any Content

CineMassive controllers provide large numbers of inputs and outputs and can accept content in virtually any format and resolution. This means you can unite all of your content sources on a single platform and display them as desired on your video wall.

Control Any Display System

Our controllers are universally compatible with LCD, projection, and cube-based video wall systems from any manufacturer. They can control multiple display surfaces simultaneously and can even support display systems with different aspect ratios.

Field-Proven Reliability

CineMassive controllers are built with professional-grade components and engineered for maximum reliability, resilience, and longevity. They are trusted by every branch of the U.S. Armed Forces and have been repeatedly proven in 24/7 environments.

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Featured Case Studies

Miami Gardens Real Time Crime Center

Miami Gardens' Real Time Crime Center leverages a CineMassive visualization system to enable safer, more effective crime fighting. Officers use the system to monitor camera feeds, visualize crime patterns, and deliver critical information to response units.

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Montgomery 911 Call Center

A CineMassive system enhances situational awareness and information-sharing at Montgomery's 911 Call Center. Using the video wall, dispatchers can monitor real-time data from multiple platforms and deliver valuable insights to first responders.

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CURVE at Georgia State University Library

A touch-interactive CineMassive system enables collaborative visualization at Georgia State University Library's CURVE research center. Leveraging the video wall system, researchers can render 3D maps and other massive files at native resolution.

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