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Alpha FX Nexus Video Wall Controller

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Sized perfectly for small to medium video wall applications

The Alpha FX Nexus is a multi-4K, IP-enabled video wall controller in a compact, 2RU package. It is ideal for use in small to medium-sized control rooms, briefing rooms, visualization environments, and other applications requiring a powerful yet compact video wall control solution.

The Nexus delivers up to an impressive 12 4K or 48 HD IP encodes and decodes within its small form factor. As with all controllers in the Alpha FX family, it comes loaded with CineNet software, providing an intuitive, web-based interface to manage the content on your video walls. The Nexus is based on a Windows 10 PC-based architecture, leveraging CineMassive’s FX Graphics Engine to support accelerated graphics processing. It is designed for 24/7 operation, making it perfect for smaller mission-critical applications.

Alpha FX Nexus Video Wall Controller

Key Benefits

  • Native IP encoding and decoding
  • Multi-4K and HD capture and display
  • Accelerated 2D & 3D processing
  • User-friendly control software
  • 24/7 reliability
  • 2RU chassis
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Controller Features

Multi-4K Capture & Display

Providing up to 12 4K inputs/outputs and up to 48 IP streams in a single 2RU chassis, the Alpha FX Nexus is a compact, cost-effective solution for driving a small-medium video wall system.

Native IP Encoding & Decoding

The Nexus can encode and decode up to 48 HD or 12 4K IP streams simultaneously. With native encoding and decoding, users can not only access and display real-time video streams from anywhere on the network – they can also share local video wall content to colleagues and display systems around the world.

Infinite Content Source Duplication

The Nexus can duplicate a content source on the video wall an unlimited number of times without any loss of frame-rate. This makes it easy to isolate and zoom into specific regions of content without losing sight of the big picture.

High-Resolution, Low-Latency Streaming

The Nexus performs low-bitrate, low-latency encoding and decoding through H.264 video compression – so IP video appears as seamless and fluid as local content.

Displays Virtually Any Content

The Nexus supports virtually any video format – digital, analog, or even IP – and accepts content from nearly any device, including workstations, laptops, tablets, cameras, cable boxes, and more.

Multi-Video Wall Control

The Nexus can drive multiple video walls simultaneously, even those built with different display technologies (LCD, LED, projection, etc.) and/or aspect ratios. Multiple video walls can be controlled as a single, continuous canvas or divided into regions that are managed separately.

Software Features


Like all Alpha FX controllers, the Alpha FX Nexus comes preloaded with CineNet™ video wall management software. Powerful yet intuitive, CineNet’s browser-based interface gives you the ultimate control over your video wall system and surrounding environment.

  • Easy drag & drop content placement
  • Real-time collaboration tools like Whiteboarding
  • On-screen control of external devices such as video teleconferencing systems
  • Secure log-in and user-based permissions

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Technical Specifications: Alpha FX Nexus Video Wall Controller

Download Alpha FX Nexus Brochure

Alpha FX Nexus Video Wall Controller Signal Flow Diagram

Alpha FX Nexus Signal Flow Diagram