Curved blended projection display showing shark image

Blended Projection Solutions

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A brilliant, seamless display system at any scale

By blending and warping multiple projectors, CineMassive can deliver a seamless, immersive display system of any size and shape. Our blended projection solutions offer extraordinary resolutions and vivid color at massive scale. These systems are ideal for simulation, training, architecture, engineering, and other applications that require a seamless or unusually-shaped display.

Our team will evaluate your use-case, environment, and business objectives to design the ideal blended projection solution for your needs. Every system is powered by the CineMassive processing and rendering platform and leverages professional-grade projectors from our industry-leading partners. Your system will be installed and integrated at your location by our expert team.

Sony 4K projector for blended projection system

Key Benefits

  • 100% seamless
  • Any size and shape display surface
  • Massive resolutions
  • 4K blending and warping
  • Professional-grade components

Product Features

Completely seamless

Our blended projection systems combine the output of multiple projectors to produce a single, high-resolution image. We use our Bravo DS video wall controller to overlap and crossfade the projectors’ video signals, eliminating unevenness and creating a 100% seamless display.

Sharp, bright images at any scale

In a single projector system, the brightness and sharpness of the image decreases as the image is enlarged. By leveraging multiple HD and 4K projectors, our blended projection systems can produce extremely large images without sacrificing brightness or image quality.

Auto-calibration for optimal image quality

In traditional blended projection systems, projectors drifted out of alignment over time, causing blurriness. Our solution provides auto-calibration software to eliminate this issue. The software constantly monitors projector alignment and brightness, prompting subtle adjustments when needed to maintain optimal image quality.

Projects onto any shape surface

CineMassive blended projection systems can project images onto flat, curved, spherical, and irregularly-shaped surfaces. This is made possible by our proprietary warp engine, which precisely maps the projectors’ light output onto the contours of the target surface. We can even blend and warp 4K projectors.

Front and rear projection options

Our blended projection systems can be designed with rear or front projection. In a rear projection system, the projectors are placed behind the screen in an enclosed room. In a front projection system, the projectors are mounted on the wall or ceiling in front of the screen.

Professional-grade components

Our solutions combine our own powerful processing and rendering platform with professional-grade projectors and screens. These components are sourced from Digital Projection, Sony, Da-Lite, Draper, and other industry-leading manufacturers.

Configured to meet your needs

Our experienced team knows that every blended projection project is unique. After assessing your requirements, we carefully select each system component to design a solution specifically configured to meet your needs. Ambient lighting, spatial constraints, and sightlines are just some of the many factors we consider when selecting hardware components and installation techniques.