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If you're using your CineMassive system to display branded content in a corporate or retail environment, you'll need a steady source of fresh custom content.

CineMassive wants to ensure that your content needs are supported in the long term, just like your video wall system. Leveraging our network of the most advanced and respected content creation firms, our team can provide reliable access to the beautiful, high-impact content your brand requires.

Your CineMassive account manager will gather your technical and artistic requirements and help identify the best firm to deliver your content experience. Once a firm is selected, your account manager will connect you with the right contacts and ensure that your requirements are clearly communicated. Our goal is to provide you with a reliable long-term partner who can support your content needs in the years to come.

CineMassive has provided professional content consulting services for some of the world’s most recognized brands. Our content creation partners deliver beautiful, immersive media at massive scales, and can incorporate advanced effects like multi-touch interactivity. By leveraging our team’s content consulting services, you can rest assured that these advanced capabilities will be fully supported by your CineMassive video wall system.

Video Wall Content Consulting