Man using Touch Control software in 911 Call Center

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CineMassive configures custom AV control and automation systems, allowing you to control your entire visualization environment from a single interface. With our expertly-programmed control systems, you’ll be able to command and automate your video wall, processors, external devices, and environmental systems - all at the touch of a finger.

Our control systems can be programmed to perform a large range of tasks, including:

  • Turning your video wall on and off
  • Opening and arranging source content, launching layouts, and other basic video wall functions
  • Pushing content to other networked video walls, displays, and projection systems
  • Controlling external devices like cameras, DVD players, and video teleconferencing systems
  • Controlling environmental systems like audio, lighting, and window shades

Our expert programmers will tailor your control system to your operational requirements and the technology you want to control. Every control system provides a user-friendly touch interface and can be delivered on a monitor, tablet, or other touch-controlled device.

The CineMassive team includes a full-time, Master-level AV control programmer and other experienced professionals who specialize in the programming and configuration of these systems. We have extensive experience implementing control systems in sensitive environments, from executive boardrooms to secure military operations centers.

Man operating touch control at Miami Gardens RTCC