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Architectural & Signage: High-Resolution Digital Display Systems

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CineMassive digital signage and architectural display solutions deliver the massive resolutions and immersive experience you need to reach your audience. Whether displaying ad content in a shopping center, delivering an interactive brand experience in a corporate lobby, or creating a virtual environment in a museum, our solutions are sure to captivate viewers and transform your space.

Powered by our Bravo Viz content rendering engine – a scalable processing, rendering, and playback system – our systems offer pixel-perfect playback and extreme flexibility. With a CineMassive system, you can render massive content at native resolution, drive a multi-video wall network, and sync playback seamlessly across multiple display systems. Our user-friendly digital signage software gives you full control over content authoring, scheduling, and distribution.

A CineMassive System for Architectural & Signage Applications

While every CineMassive system is unique, the illustration below shows a solution that might be used for an architectural or digital signage application.

Architectural display solution diagram
  1. 1

    LCD Video Wall

    CineView III LCD video walls deliver unparalleled brightness, precision, and visual performance

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  2. 2

    Bravo Viz Content Rendering Engine

    The Bravo Viz is a processing, rendering, and playback system for ultra-high-resolution digital signage. It comes pre-loaded with a full suite of digital signage software.

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    CineNet video wall software provides a user-friendly interface for controlling, scheduling, and distributing content throughout the network.

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Benefits of our Turn-Key Solution

Pixel Perfect Playback icon

Pixel-perfect playback & extreme scalability

Our scalable digital signage system can render display surfaces of 18K and more at pixel-perfect native resolution. This means you can play massive content at full scale and detail on a display system of virtually any size.

Multiple Content Control icon

Powerful content authoring tools

Our digital signage suite features a complete content authoring toolkit, making it easy to create beautiful, complex layouts of content. Layouts can be displayed across a single display, an entire video wall, or multiple video walls.

Situational Awareness icon

Unparalleled visual experience

Leveraging powerful graphics processing, our system delivers smooth, seamless playback, so viewers notice your content – not the technology. All content is displayed in 24-bit color, so even the most detailed media appears rich, vibrant, and nuanced.

Sync Playback icon

Syncs playback across multiple video walls

The Bravo Viz controller can span and sync ultra-high-resolution content across multiple video walls, creating a seamless, immersive effect. No other system in the world can sync content so large across multiple display systems.

User friendly Software icon

User-friendly scheduling & distribution

With our software, you can easily control and automate the order, scheduling, and distribution of your content to various video walls. You can even set external triggers – like movement near the displays – to control playback.

GuardianCare icon

24/7 support and protection

Our GuardianCare program provides ongoing support and protection for your video wall system. GuardianCare offers 24/7 phone support and priority on-site support, all delivered by our expert team. It also gives you access to the latest software features and updates.

Featured Case Studies

Immersive Lobby Display System

A leading employment website installed nine massive LED display walls to cover the walls and ceiling of this tech leader's new lobby. The displays are synched so video can flow seamlessly through space.

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McCarran International Airport

McCarran airport wanted a massive, high-resolution display that would capture the attention of passing travelers.

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Allen High School

Allen High School wanted a high-impact digital signage system that could display videos, announcements, and student media projects.

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Custom Tailored to Your Unique Needs

At CineMassive, we don't sell one-size-fits-all solutions. We carefully evaluate each customer’s activities, environment, and business objectives and develop a solution tailored to their needs. Below are some of the many areas we assess when developing systems for digital signage.

Display Considerations

  • Resolution requirements
  • Ambient light in the environment
  • Spatial constraints of the environment
  • Desire for touch interactivity
  • Mounting preferences

Controller Considerations

  • Quantity of content sources that will be displayed at once
  • Need to render ultra-high-resolution or 3D content
  • Number of video walls to be supported

Software Considerations

  • Number of people who will need to access the system at once
  • Desire for custom features

Other Considerations

  • Desire to integrate audio or other additional systems
  • Aesthetic and branding concerns