Broadcast operations center with video wall

Broadcast Operations Center

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Real-time visibility and user-friendly control

In broadcast operations centers and broadcast control rooms, CineMassive video wall systems give teams real-time visibility and control over their broadcasts and networks. With a CineMassive solution, your team can unite all of their video streams, monitoring tools, camera feeds, and more and display them on a single, high-resolution platform. Our user-friendly control software lets operators arrange content on the video wall in real-time or load pre-configured layouts of video and data sources.

A CineMassive System for Broadcast Operations

While every CineMassive system is unique, the illustration below shows a solution that might be used in a broadcast operations center or control room.

Broadcast operations center solution diagram
  1. 1

    LCD Video Wall

    CineView LCD video walls deliver unparalleled brightness, precision, and visual performance.

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  2. 2

    CineNet Software

    CineNet video wall software provides a user-friendly interface for controlling the content on the video wall.

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  1. 3

    Alpha Controller

    The Alpha video wall controller provides powerful processing, real-time content control and dozens of inputs and outputs.

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Benefits of our Turn-Key Solution

Situational Awareness icon

Delivers real-time operational insight

Our video wall system integrates with your existing infrastructure so you can display all of your network’s video streams, cameras, analytics tools, and more on your multi-HD video wall. This helps operators monitor more thoroughly and detect potential issues before they arise.

User friendly Software icon

Provides user-friendly control

Our video wall software provides an intuitive, multi-user platform for controlling content on the displays. Its user-friendly tools help operators work quickly and accurately, even under stressful conditions. A simple touch interface can be added for streamlined control of the system.

24/7 Reliability icon

Delivers 24/7 reliability

Developed to support the critical operations of the US military, CineMassive systems deliver the 24/7 reliability and resilience your team requires. Our CineView LCD video walls feature redundant power supplies in every display, and select controllers offer redundant, hot-swappable power supplies.

Dynamic Workflow icon

Helps your team respond faster

When an issue is detected, our video wall system helps your team work quickly to investigate and respond. Operators can instantly pull up the tools and data they need, zoom in to focus on areas of interest, and work collaboratively to deliver a swift resolution.

Multiple Content Control icon

Offers multiple content control options

Our system lets you choose the control method that suits your team’s workflow. Arrange items on the video wall in real-time, or build and save custom layouts of content sources for instant recall. You can even schedule an automatic rotation of layouts that aligns with your monitoring schedule.

GuardianCare icon

Ongoing support and protection

Our GuardianCare program provides ongoing support and protection for your video wall system. GuardianCare offers 24/7 phone support and priority on-site support, all delivered by our expert team. It also gives you access to the latest software features and updates.

Custom Tailored to Your Unique Needs

At CineMassive, we don't sell one-size-fits-all solutions. We carefully evaluate each customer’s activities, environment, and business objectives and develop a solution tailored to their needs. Below are some of the many areas we assess when developing systems for broadcast operations centers.

Display Considerations

  • Resolution requirements
  • Ambient light in the environment
  • Spatial constraints of the environment
  • Mounting preferences

Controller Considerations

  • Type of devices that will be used as content sources
  • Quantity of content sources that will be displayed at once
  • Number of video walls to be supported

Software Considerations

  • Number of users who will be operating the system at once
  • Desire for automatic content rotation
  • Interest in custom features or integration

Other Considerations

  • Desire for integrated audio, video conferencing, and other systems
  • Desire to integrate existing equipment like routers and switchers