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Conference Room: Display Systems for Conferencing & Presentation

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In conference rooms and boardrooms, CineMassive visualization systems help business leaders share their ideas clearly and easily. A CineMassive video wall system provides a bright, high-resolution display platform for your team’s most important ideas and information. Users can instantly share presentations, review documents, or dial into their video conferencing system to collaborate with remote colleagues. With our user-friendly control software, even first-time users can present confidently.

As a turn-key solutions provider, CineMassive designs and delivers complete visualization systems, including video wall displays, controllers, software, video teleconferencing systems, and more. Your CineMassive system will be installed and integrated at your location by our expert team.

A CineMassive System for a Conference Room

While every CineMassive system is unique, the illustration below shows a solution that might be used in a conference room or boardroom.

Conference room solution diagram
  1. 1

    LCD Video Wall

    CineView III LCD video walls deliver unparalleled brightness, precision, and visual performance.

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  2. 2

    CineNet Software

    CineNet software provides a user-friendly interface for controlling the content on the video wall.

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  1. 3

    Alpha FX Controller

    The Alpha FX is a 4K controller that delivers enhanced visual performance, multi-video wall support, and total content flexibility.

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Benefits of our Turn-Key Solution

Content from Any Device icon

Displays content from any device

A CineMassive system can capture and display content from nearly any device, including MacBooks, PCs, tablets, cable TV, and more. Devices can be connected physically or simply streamed to the video wall, enabling a convenient, BYOD environment.

Presentations icon

Delivers unforgettable presentations

Our software offers a complete toolkit for building and delivering presentations on your video wall. Enhance your presentation with slide transitions, labels, automatic timing, and more. For an even more engaging experience, upgrade your displays with interactive touch glass.

On Brand icon

Custom aesthetic details

Adding a video wall system shouldn’t mean compromising the appearance of your conference room. We offer a wide selection of mounts, wood and steel cladding options, and other custom details to ensure your CineMassive system is beautiful and on-brand.

User friendly Software icon

Provides user-friendly control

Our video wall software provides a user-friendly interface for controlling content on the displays. Its intuitive drag-and-drop approach is accessible to users from any department. A simple touch interface can also be added for streamlined control.

Video Conferencing icon

Supports video conferencing

Your CineMassive video wall can be customized with an enterprise video or audio conferencing system. Partnering with Polycom, Cisco, Biamp, and other industry leaders, we deliver user-friendly conferencing solutions and integrate them seamlessly with your CineMassive system.

24/7 Reliability icon

24/7 support and protection

Our GuardianCare program offers 24/7 phone support and priority on-site support, all delivered by our expert in-house team. It also provides access to all the latest software features and updates.

Custom Tailored to Your Unique Needs

At CineMassive, we don't sell one-size-fits-all solutions. We carefully evaluate each customer’s activities, environment, and business objectives and develop a solution tailored to their needs. Below are some of the many areas we assess when developing systems for conference rooms.

Display Considerations

  • Resolution requirements
  • Ambient light in the environment
  • Spatial constraints of the environment
  • Desire for touch interactivity
  • Mounting preferences

Controller Considerations

  • Type of devices that will be used as content sources
  • Quantity of content sources that will be displayed at once
  • Number of video walls to be supported

Software Considerations

  • Number of people who will be using the system at once
  • Main activities of the users
  • Desire for presentation-building features
  • Desire for custom features

Other Considerations

  • Desire to integrate audio, video conferencing, and other additional systems
  • Desire to integrate existing environmental systems like curtains or lights
  • Aesthetic and branding concerns