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Advanced Video Wall Technology

CineMassive leverages the expertise of our world-class development and engineering teams and a unique, solutions-oriented approach to design advanced video wall solutions for mission-critical, 24/7 environments around the world. Customers trust CineMassive’s powerful technology and dedicated support for their most important projects. Our industry-leading CineNet software platform and our full suite of video wall products give customers unmatched flexibility, scalability, and ease-of-use.

Custom Systems Designed for Your Environment

CineNet Video Wall Software

CineNet Platform

The CineNet Platform provides instant access and intuitive control over the entire CineMassive video wall system. Users can easily setup, share, and interact with almost any kind of visual information – as well as manage system hardware and third-party devices – without any custom programming.
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CineLux LED Video Wall Display

Video Wall Displays

CineMassive provides an array of ultra-high-resolution video wall display types. These each come with a range of premium features and custom options in order to meet the unique demands of your specific use-case and environment.
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Alpha FX Video Wall Processors

Alpha FX Processors

CineMassive’s family of video wall processors (also called controllers) deliver unmatched performance, reliability, and ease-of-use. They are designed to handle processing, rendering, IP encoding/decoding, media playback, and content management. Our processors transform content into dynamic, high resolution visual data.
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Stryke Lightning Expeditionary Video Wall

Expeditionary Systems

The demand for rugged and portable command and control systems is greater than ever. Organizations that run special missions, respond to natural disasters, or manage mobile command centers need solutions that set-up quickly and easily. CineMassive offers a suite of expeditionary options to fill this need. They range from stand-alone, ultra-rugged processors that work with any display to full visualization systems complete with all the necessary displays.
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System Accessories

CineLinks IP Encoders & Decoders

IP Encoders & Decoders

Our CineLink 4K and HD IP encoders and decoders easily route just about any content source – including workstations, laptops, and cameras – to any system controller or display on your network.

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CineLink KVM Family of Products

KVM Encoders & Access Points

CineLink KVM encoders and access points are designed to provide seamless streaming and KVM control of any content from remote workstations.

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Fx4 Expander


Our expanders help to extend your video wall system with additional HD displays while also increasing redundancy, performance, and scalability.

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Offering a Full Range of Services

Choosing a CineMassive visualization system means you are investing in a relationship with a dedicated technical partner. Starting from an in-depth project consultations through installation, training, support, and beyond, CineMassive is devoted to serving our customers for the long term. As new technology emerges and your organization's needs evolve, we will work with you to expand, enhance, and refresh your technology.

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