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4K Video to IP Encoder and Decoder

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Multi-channel 4K encoding & decoding for a scalable AV/IP network

CineLink 4K-E-Loop encoders and CineLink 4K-D decoders are a system of multi-channel 4K IP encoders and decoders that support large volumes of high-quality video streaming and display. CineLinks can be installed anywhere on your network, creating a flexible AV/IP platform that allows any content source to be routed to any video wall processor or display. Supporting up to four channels of 4K or HD video, this scalable solution is ideal for organizations that need to stream large volumes of video - or any team wanting to augment their video wall system with IP video streams.

For environments where ensuring redundancy is critically important, CineMassive also offers two Redundant Power Supply Unit options – the single density unit can power up to four CineLink 4K-EL, CineLink 4K-EL-2, or CineLink 4K-D devices and the dual density unit that can power up to eight devices simultaneously.

CineLink 4K units are easily configured and managed using CineNet software – the same user-friendly platform you use to control your video wall system. With CineNet, you can view and display streams from any CineLink unit, anywhere on your network.

CineLink 4K-D Collage

Key Benefits

  • Each unit supports multiple simultaneous video streams
  • Supports 4K and HD video
  • CineLink 4K-E-Loop features zero-latency HDMI loop-outs
  • Low-latency, low-bandwidth H.264 streaming
  • Controlled with user-friendly CineNet software

Product Features

Multi-Channel 4K and HD Streaming

CineLink 4K-EL encoders support up to four 4K or HD sources per unit. CineLink 4K-EL-2 encoders support up to two 4K or HD sources per unit. This reduces the amount of hardware needed to support your AV/IP network, ideal for environments streaming large volumes of IP video.

High-Quality H.264 Streaming

CineLink 4K encoders and decoders leverage low-bandwidth, low-latency H.264 streaming, so IP video streams look as seamless as local content.

Creates a Scalable AV/IP Network

With CineLink 4K encoders and decoders, you can create a scalable AV/IP network that leverages your existing network infrastructure. Install any combination of encoder and decoder units to connect PCs, controllers, and other devices to your secure network. These content sources can then be shared between multiple rooms, sites, and video walls.

Only Encoders Needed with an Alpha FX Controller

Teams using an Alpha FX video wall controller can simply add CineLink 4K-E-Loop encoders to connect non-IP content sources to their AV/IP network.

Adds Inputs to Your Alpha FX Controller

Teams using an Alpha FX video wall controller can use CineLink 4K-E-Loop encoders to add HDMI inputs to their controller. This allows the controller to support additional content sources without requiring an expansion chassis.

Controlled with User-Friendly CineNet Software

CineLink 4K encoders and decoders are controlled through CineNet software– the same user-friendly platform you use to control your video wall system. CineNet’s easy configuration tool allows you to match any encoder to any decoder, so you can connect content from any source to any video wall controller or display on your network.

Instantly View and Display IP Streams

Through CineNet, IP streams can be simply dragged and dropped them onto the video wall, just like local input sources.

Easily Control Encoder and Decoder Settings

CineNet provides a user-friendly menu for controlling encoder and decoder settings like bit-rate, color space, and more.

CineLink 4K E Loop

CineLink 4K-E-Loop Encoder

CineLink 4K-E-Loop IP encoders stream up to four channels of low-latency 4K video and feature four zero-latency HDMI loop-outs.

Download 4K-E-Loop Brochure
CineLink 4K Family

CineLink 4K-E-Loop-2 Encoder

For smaller applications, CineLink 4K-EL-Loop-2 encoders stream up to two video streams and include two zero-latency HDMI loop-outs.

Download 4K-E-Loop-2 Brochure
CIneLink 4K-D

CineLink 4K-D Decoder

The CineLink 4K-D is a multi-channel IP decoder that can decode and display up to four streams of low-latency 4K video.

Download 4K-D Brochure

Featured Case Studies

Akamai Network Operations Command Center

Akamai's state-of-the-art Network Operations Command Center (NOCC) monitors server and network health across their domain with the support of CineMassive technology.

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