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HD Video to IP Encoder and Decoder

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Extend your visualization system across the network with HD encoding and decoding

CineLink HD-E-Loop and CineLink HD-D are a system of single-channel HD encoders and decoders that enable high-quality, low-latency content streaming and display. Leveraging your existing network infrastructure and AV equipment, CineLink HD encoders and decoders create a scalable AV/IP platform that allows virtually any content source to be routed to any video wall controller or display. The CineLink HD system is ideal for control rooms, conference rooms, and other environments where HD encoding and decoding is needed.

CineLink HD units are easily configured and controlled with CineNet software – the same user-friendly platform you use to control your video wall system. With CineNet, you can view and display streams from any CineLink unit, anywhere on your network.

CineLink HD Encoders and Decoders

Key Benefits

  • Full-HD video encoding and decoding
  • Low-latency, low-bandwidth H.264 streaming
  • Zero-latency HDMI loop-out
  • Controlled with user-friendly CineNet software

Product Features

High-Quality, Low-Bandwidth Streaming

CineLink HD encoders and decoders output a full-HD signal using low-latency H.264 compression. This efficient compression format delivers high-quality video while demanding far less bandwidth than competing formats.

Zero-Latency HDMI Loop-Out

In addition to encoding and streaming HD video, CineLink HD encoders provide a zero-latency HDMI loop-out. The loop-out can be used to send unaltered, zero-latency video from a workstation to a desktop monitor, eliminating additional hardware.

Creates a Flexible AV/IP Network

With CineLink HD encoders and decoders, you can create a flexible, scalable AV/IP network that leverages your existing network. Install any number of encoders and decoders to connect PCs, controllers, and other devices in any location to your secure network. Content sources can then be shared between multiple rooms, sites, controllers, and video walls.

Only Encoders Needed with an Alpha FX Controller

The CineLink HD system integrates with our IP-enabled Alpha FX video wall controllers, so encoded video from CineLink HD encoders can be captured and decoded by your controller – no external decoders needed.

Controlled with User-Friendly CineNet Software

CineLink HD encoders and decoders are controlled through CineNet software – the same user-friendly platform you use to control your video wall system. CineNet’s easy configuration tool lets you match any encoder to any decoder, so you can route content from any source to any controller or display on your network.

Instantly View and Display IP Streams

Through CineNet 3’s browser-based dashboard, IP streams from your CineLink HD encoders can be easily dragged and dropped onto the video wall, just like local input sources. IP streams can also be opened for private viewing within the browser.

Easily Control Encoder and Decoder Settings

CineNet’s CineLink settings menu allows administrators to easily adjust encoder and decoder settings like bit-rate, color space, and more.

CineLink HD-EL Encoder

CineLink HD-E-Loop Encoder

The CineLink HD-E-Loop is a single-channel IP encoder that supports high-quality, low-latency HD video streaming.

Download HD-E-Loop Brochure
CineLink HD-D

CineLink HD-D Decoder

The CineLink HD-D decoder enables high-performance, low-latency IP decoding and display for full-HD video.

Download HD-D Brochure

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