Expeditionary Visualization Systems

Expeditionary Visualization Solutions

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Tactical Visualization Solutions

Whether your team is coordinating a battle, running a special operation, responding to a natural disaster, completing expeditionary training, or undertaking another activity requiring mobility, you may require one of CineMassive’s expeditionary solutions. These solutions range from stand-alone, ultra-rugged processors that work with any display and can be carried in a backpack to 6x2 video walls that are transported in multiple ruggedized cases.

stryke lightning for emergency response

Stryke Lightning

The Stryke Lightning is a complete expeditionary visualization system including a 75” LCD display, video processor, and all the necessary equipment and cables packed in a ruggedized, motorized pop-up transit case. You can easily expand the system with additional displays and optional accessory packages.

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2x2 Portable Video Wall System

Scalable Mobile Display

The Scalable Mobile Display (SMD) is a high-resolution, portable video wall system perfect for applications where a video wall is moved occasionally between sites. Available in 2×2, 4×2, and 6×2 configurations, the SMD is packed into ruggedized cases for transport.

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Which Expeditionary Solution is Best for My Application?

While the Stryke, Stryke Lightning, and SMD solutions are portable expeditionary solutions, they are best suited for quite different applications. This table may help you to determine which product will work best for your application.

FeatureStryke LightningScalable Mobile Display (SMD)
Viewers2 to 5+5+
Wall size1 - 4 configuration
75" displays
2x2, 4x2, or 6x2 configuration
47” displays
RuggednessRuggedization built into pop-up caseRuggedization built into transport cases
TransportTransport in ruggedized, pop-up caseTransport in ruggedized cases
PermanenceDays to monthsWeeks to months
Setup time5-30 minutes depending on the number of displays20-90 minutes
Number of cabled (non-IP) sourcesUp to 4 inputs, with an expansion of up to 16 availableUp to 12 inputs, with an expansion of up to 28 available

Control Software

Whether expeditionary or permanent, all CineMassive visualization systems are controlled by CineNet, our user-friendly yet powerful video wall control software. Users can rely on the same intuitive application both on-base or in the field, so they do not need to learn multiple systems.

With little-to-no training, operators can share visual content with their teams and/or commanders to establish a common operating picture. With CineNet, you can easily add content to a display, resize and move content, save and recall preset layouts, display time zone clocks, make annotations to share ideas and plans in real-time, and more.
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CineNet Video Wall Software Device Control Interface on Tablet