Video Wall Processors and Controllers

High-Performance Video Processing for Mission-Critical Environments

Alpha FX and Stryke Video Wall Processors

Haivision MCS video processors seamlessly integrated with the advanced Command 360 visual collaboration platform deliver unmatched situational awareness and real-time decision-making capabilities for mission-critical environments around the world.  

Depending on your organization’s unique situation, you can choose from a range of Alpha FX video processors ranging in size and capabilities or our Stryke processors for rugged and ultra-rugged environments.  

Designed for reliability and ease of use, these processors deliver powerful processing, rendering, IP encoding/decoding, media playback, and content management. 

Whether you want to create an enterprise-scale AV/IP network, monitor real-time video feeds in your control room, or visualize an ultra-high-resolution 3D model, Haivision video processors give you the power, control, and flexibility you need.  

Alpha FX and Stryke Video Wall Processors

Alpha FX Elite

Very Large Control Rooms

Featuring our highest number of inputs and outputs, the Alpha FX Elite is an IP-capable, multi-4K video processor. It’s designed ​for mission-critical applications in large control rooms and highly-networked AV environments

Alpha FX Elite Video Wall Processor

Learn About the Alpha FX Elite

Alpha FX Core

Medium to Large Control Rooms

Our most popular IP-capable processor, the Alpha FX Core is ideal for a wide range of applications. It’s a perfect fit for medium to large control rooms, data visualization centers, and more.

Alpha FX Core Video Wall Processor

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Alpha FX Pro

Small to Medium Control Rooms

The Alpha FX Pro is an IP-enabled, multi-4K video processor in a compact package. It’s ideal for small- to medium-sized control rooms, briefing rooms, and more.

Alpha FX Pro Video Wall Processor

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Alpha FX Edge

Smaller Control Rooms

The Alpha FX Edge is one of our most compact rack-mounted video processors. It’s a cost-effective, yet powerful IP-capable processor designed for smaller control rooms, briefing rooms, collaboration environments, and more. 

Alpha FX Edge Video Wall Processor

About the Alpha FX Edge

Alpha FX Lite

Small  Rooms

The Alpha FX Lite is our most compact rack-mounted video processor for user-friendly collaboration and presentation. It’s ideal for small operations centers, collaboration spaces, and more.

Alpha FX Lite Video Wall Processor

About the Alpha FX Lite


Ruggedized & Portable

The Stryke is a rugged processor built to withstand shock, vibration, and extreme temperatures. It’s a portable, tactical command and control system designed for harsh environments and emergency operations.

Stryke Video Processor

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Stryke EX


The Stryke EX is our most powerful and flexible ultra-rugged processor built to withstand shock, vibration, extreme temperatures, and more. It’s ideal for combat information centers on ships, vehicles, aircraft, and other demanding environments.

Stryke EX Rugged Video Processor

Learn About the Stryke EX

Learn More About Video Wall Processors

What is a video wall controller?

A video wall processor, also called a controller, captures content “inputs” from your desired sources and gathers them on a single control platform. These sources can range from desktop computers, cameras, to cable boxes, and more. In response to your real-time commands, the controller routes selected content to the desired region(s) of a video wall or display. The controller may also provide additional scaling or processing to manipulate the appearance and behavior of your content.

Why do I need a processor?

While simpler solutions like matrix switchers and scalers can also display content on a video wall, these systems come with severe limitations on content resolution and layout. They also do not support real-time movement or control. For any application that requires switching between multiple content sources, displaying content larger than HD, or any kind of real-time interactivity, you’ll need a video wall processor.

My team doesn’t use 4K video. Do I still need a 4K controller?

4K is quickly replacing HD as the new standard for computer monitors, televisions, and video. Therefore, support for 4K resolution is no longer a niche concern. Even if your team isn’t currently using 4K monitors or video, this is likely to change as HD equipment becomes less available on the market. Investing in a 4K-capable processor today is a way to future-proof your video wall system against this change.

Which processor is right for me?

Not sure what kind of video wall controller you need? We’re here to help! See our comparison brochure for a side-by-side look at our processor specs and capabilities.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department

The City of Charlotte, NC adopted Haivision technology to improve interdepartmental collaboration. It also helps them manage the ever-increasing amount of visual data produced throughout their public safety infrastructure.

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