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CineNet Video Wall Software

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What is CineNet Software?

CineNet Video Wall Software Device Control Interface on Tablet

CineNet™ video wall software is used to control content for your CineMassive video walls. It lets users easily position and resize content on the display wall. Simply drag content to the wall and resize, move, zoom, crop, and perform any other edits as needed. Layouts are easy to save with the click of a button.

Delivering more value than traditional video wall management systems, CineNet also provides built-in device control. This powerful set of features allows you to manage the third-party devices integrated with your video wall such as VTC systems, audio devices, cable tuners, and IP cameras. Users can control these devices directly within the user interface, eliminating the need for external equipment, custom programming, or remote controls.

Kiosk Mode


CineNet is designed for all users, ranging from the non-technical to “power users”. It includes easy-to-learn features such as drag & drop content placement, unlimited custom layouts, and easy resizing of images.

CineNet Device Control Interface


CineNet can do things most other video wall management systems simply don’t. It controls third-party devices. Users can create a complex sequences of actions initiated with the touch of a button. You even stream your entire video wall in real-time across your network.

CineNet Whiteboarding Example


Adaptable to many different applications, CineNet can be configured to compliment and improve your organization’s workflows. Examples of CineNet’s flexibility includes features like automated layout sequencing and on-screen annotations for real-time collaboration.

CineNet Security Interface Screen Shot


CineNet provides peace of mind for you and your IT staff by protecting your data with TLS 1.2 encryption. For additional layers of security, you can fine-tune user permissions and even restrict the user interface for designated users to one or a few simple functions.

Why CineNet?

CineNet is a central component of the CineMassive technology ecosystem – video wall displays, Alpha FX processors, CineNet management software, CineLink encoders and decoders, GuardianCare support, and professional engineering/installation services. Together, these products and services deliver the best video wall purchase experience and system performance on the market.

No software installation

Because CineNet is browser-based, it can be used on day one by anyone with permission within a site and across the globe, without requiring any software installation. All that is required is access to your organization’s network and the appropriate security credentials.

Intuitive user interface

Given the depth and breadth of CineNet’s feature set, you might expect a complicated, cumbersome interface. However, ease-of-use is a cornerstone of the design, easily surpassing other video wall management and third-party control systems.

Superior performance

Because CineNet is designed to work with CineMassive’s Alpha FX processors, it enables you to leverage their unique graphics processing architecture. For example, you can stream a large video wall to multiple sites across your network with no corresponding performance degradation. Nowhere else will you find a video wall system as powerful and responsive.

Simple Licensing

Included with Alpha FX controllers, CineNet is not subject to annual licensing fees> There are no upcharges as you expand your number of users, layouts, or rooms. Unlike other systems on the market, it is not sold in multiple modules designed to increase your costs as you take advantage of more features or grow your video wall systems.

Continuously developed

CineMassive has a dedicated, agile software development and user experience team that continually enhances the product. We listen to and incorporate both our customers’ feedback as well as technological improvements. A decision to purchase a CineMassive video wall system is a wise investment in your organization’s future.

CineNet Video Wall Software Logo

Feature List

Advanced Control

  • CineAgent Support*
  • Device Control including Custom Devices*
  • Behaviors
  • Pause, Resume, and Manually Advance Behaviors

Content Management

  • Annotations
  • Asset Grouping
  • Background Management
  • Clocks
  • Content Borders
  • Layout Sequencing
  • Media Upload, Storage, and Playback
  • Scaling, Zooming, Cropping, and Rotating
  • Text Overlays
  • Unlimited Layouts
  • Z-Ordering of Assets (Layering)

Ease of Use

  • Backup and Restore
  • Browser-Based User Interface
  • Control of CineNet from Other Applications via REST API
  • Drag & Drop Content Placement
  • Multi-Video Wall Support
  • Snap to Grid
  • Soft KVM


  • Desktop Streaming
  • Input Encoding
  • IP-Based Streaming
  • Kiosk View
  • Live Mode
  • Live Preview
  • Transitions

Display Management

  • Merged Displays
  • Merged Processor Displays
  • Mirrored Displays


  • Single Sign-On (SSO)*
  • TLS 1.2 Encryption
  • Users and Group Permissioning

System Design

  • IPv6 Compatibility

*Additional charges apply

Site Manager

Optimize Redundancy, Performance, and Security

When it comes to effectively managing today’s mission-critical environments, multi-room scenarios, and complex video wall systems, your organization needs Site Manager. Integrated with the CineNet Platform, Site Manager provides overarching control of the devices in a CineMassive video wall system.

With Site Manager you have the key to unlocking the highest levels of security, full system redundancy, and industry-leading performance.

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Site Manager

Featured Case Studies

CURVE at Georgia State University Library

A touch-control CineMassive system enables collaborative visualization at Georgia State University Library's CURVE research center. Leveraging the freestanding video wall, researchers can render 3D maps and other massive files at native resolution.

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City of Chesapeake PSOC

In their new Public Safety Operations Center (PSOC), the City of Chesapeake's public safety departments use CineMassive technology throughout the premises. The next-generation, state-of-the-art facility houses multiple operations centers built for maximize efficiency and resiliency.

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City of Sandy Springs TMC

The City of Sandy Springs needed to upgrade their out-of-date Traffic Management Center (TMC) to a scalable, powerful, and modern video wall system capable of managing an enormous amount of visual data.

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