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Humana Innovation Center

The Client

Humana Inc. is a major health care company that markets and administers health insurance in the United States. Humana’s Louisville, KY location serves as corporate headquarters for the company.

The Challenge

Humana wanted to build a creative environment in its Louisville headquarters where employees could collaborate and brainstorm new health care concepts. As part of this environment, the company wanted a large-scale, multi-user display system with bring-your-own-device (BYOD) capabilities that would allow employees to display content on their laptops and tablets.

Humana selected CineMassive to design and deliver its new visualization system. CineMassive was chosen because it was able to provide a complete solution – including all hardware, software, and integration services – and the BYOD capabilities that Humana required.

The Solution

For the display system, CineMassive designed and implemented a curved LCD video wall with a 3×9 configuration of displays. The curved, freestanding design of the wall created an immersive effect in the space. The video wall was surrounded by custom millwork trim that complemented the design of the room.

To route content to the displays, CineMassive provided its Alpha video wall controller. The Alpha accepted content in virtually any format, allowing employees to push content from their own devices to the video wall. Content from multiple devices could be displayed on the video wall simultaneously and freely arranged across the canvas, creating a collaborative presentation environment.

To further enhance the visual experience, CineMassive supplied a Bravo Viz content rendering engine. The Bravo Viz was capable of rendering over 28 million pixels at 27xHD, allowing users to display high-resolution content like promotional videos and models at native scale and detail. It also allowed presenters to queue up, play, pause, and fast-forward video content.

To control the system, CineMassive provided Touch Control software, which allowed presenters to control the displays, processors, and content placement at the touch of a finger. Touch Control’s simple touch functionality provided an intuitive experience, even for first-time users of the system.

By leveraging CineMassive visualization technology, Humana provided its employees with an ultra-high-definition presentation system that encouraged creativity and collaboration.

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