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Visual Intelligence in Retail Security Operations

Retail Security Operations

The retail industry currently faces greater security challenges than ever before. Mitigating cyber and physical losses requires a multi-faceted, proactive strategy. A visual collaboration platform can be an effective component of a broad security plan. In-store cameras and video monitoring have been a staple of…

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Crisis Communication Through Visual Collaboration

Crisis Communication

Communication planning lies at the heart of every operational management philosophy. Whether addressing internal or external parties, operations at all levels of an organization need a formal protocol for communicating effectively. The most basic communication model dictates the hierarchy through which information flows and how…

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Actionable Intelligence Over IP

actionable intelligence

Network, security, and emergency operations centers collect enormous amounts of raw data in real-time, 24 hours a day. To successfully meet mission objectives, operators must efficiently extract actionable intelligence from an abundance of otherwise benign information. The deluge of accumulated information operations centers receive can…

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Risk Management for Control Rooms & Ops Centers

risk management

At its core, risk management is an exercise in collecting, analyzing, and monitoring the latest situational information which could impact organizational missions. Early identification of risk allows operational teams to take preventative action. Appropriate measures mitigate losses in data, time, and avoid increased costs. By…

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Futureproof Control Rooms Through Scalability


A collaborative control room is an expensive investment that one can expect to operate for 8-10 years, or possibly longer, before a major technology refresh. It is likely that over this time period, requirements for the control room will change due either to an evolving…

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Improve SOC Performance with Visual Technology


Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) measure organizational success against defined criteria. KPIs are attributed to individual contributions at the workflow level. They are also used holistically to determine the degree to which business or mission objectives are met. A Security Operations Center (SOC) strives to protect…

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Facilitate Multi-Agency Collaboration for Successful Outcomes

multi-agency collaboration

Operational teams often face challenges to avoid duplication, overlap, fragmentation, and/or missed opportunities due to inefficient processes, poor communication, or limited resources. The potential negative consequences increase exponentially when multiple organizations are involved. Common objectives are poorly executed across multiple facilities and/or teams if there…

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Haivision Set to Acquire CineMassive

Haivision to Acquire CineMassive

We have big news! CineMassive is about to embark on a new chapter in its history. Haivision, a leading global provider of mission-critical, real-time video streaming and networking solutions, has announced a definitive agreement to acquire CineMassive. In this post, we are sharing more information…

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Increase System Resilience with Redundant & Scalable Tech

Resilient Systems

In mission-critical control rooms, a visual collaboration system failure can be disastrous. Component resiliency is crucial to success. “Resilience” refers to the inherently designed ability to meet an acceptable level of service while a fault is present. System failure or poor performance occurs for a variety of reasons: cybersecurity attacks, insufficient…

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The High Cost of Cheap Collaboration

Cost of Cheap Collaboration

It’s an unsettling revelation for first-time combat soldiers, but as Murphy’s Laws of War reminds them: their weapons were made by the lowest bidder. However, there are times in which an ounce of cost prevention (cheaper goods) does not result in a pound of performance…

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