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Flexible Video Wall Systems
Designed for Your Environment

CineMassive video wall products give you the control you need, whether it's making critical decisions, expressing your brand, educating students, managing operations, or otherwise. Each system is customized to help you achieve your goals. From conference rooms to emergency operations centers, and from military bases to utility and traffic management centers, our purpose-built video wall solutions do more than get the job done--they get the job done smarter.

CineLux LED Display

Video Wall Displays

Our CineView III LCD and CineLuxe LED video walls deliver unparalleled resolutions, reliability, and sustainability for your environment. When combined with CineNet™ software, you get the most out of your investment.

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CineNet Interface

CineNet™ Video Wall Software

Our proprietary CineNet™ video wall software offers real-time collaboration, room control, and triple DES encryption. CineNet gives administrators precise control in the most user-friendly system available.

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Controller Collage on White

Alpha FX Video Wall Controllers

Alpha FX Controllers offer accelerated processing, 3D rendering, matrix switching, and encoding and decoding capabilities. Running our proprietary CineNet™ software, they deliver superior performance scaled to fit your needs.

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2x2 Portable Video Wall System

Expeditionary Systems

CineMassive provides a full offering of tactical visualization systems ranging from our ultra-portable and ruggedized Alpha FX Stryke controllers that work with any display to our larger Scalable Mobile Display system that is available in 2×2, 4×2, and 6×2 configurations.

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Video Wall Accessories

System Accessories

Enhance and complete your video wall with our available system accessories including CineLink IP encoders and decoders, specialized wall mounts, and high-performance processors built for 3D content.

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Compare video wall display types

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Considerations for buying a video wall

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