Case Studies

With a large presence and massive stake in worldwide content delivery and cybersecurity, Akamai relies on state-of-the-art Network Operations Command Centers (NOCCs) to monitor network and server health across their entire domain.
In Apex Clean Energy’s new Remote Operations Control Center (ROCC), operators use a Haivision system to support the company’s growing portfolio of managed wind power facilities.
Charlotte, NC has been one of the nation’s fastest-growing cities in the U.S. for several years and that trend shows no signs of slowing down.
In their new Public Safety Operations Center (PSOC), the City of Chesapeake’s public safety departments leverage Haivision technology throughout the premises.
The City of Sandy Springs, GA leveraged Haivision technology to upgrade their existing out-of-date Traffic Management Center.
The DVIC fusion center needed a display system where agents could monitor camera feeds, analyze intelligence, and coordinate operations
Intended as a means to overhaul their draft operations, a professional American Football team is using a Haivision video wall system to visualize and plan their draft in addition to countless other organizational and team related tasks.
A Haivision video wall system helped Georgia State University Library create an immersive, interactive visualization center that transformed the learning experience.
The MAG Aerospace Special Mission Training division enables training for joint terminal attack controllers in both administrative and tactical environments.
In McKesson’s new Global Security Operations Center (GSOC), operators are using a Haivision video wall system to help analyze global risk and protect the company’s people, product, and property around the world.

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